Gamewell-FCI to host mass notification educational seminars

Feb. 25, 2009
Educational forum to cover NFPA codes, government specifications and economical solutions

NORTHFORD, CT, February 23, 2009 - Gamewell-FCI, a Honeywell company, has expanded its series of free educational seminars, covering current government MNS (mass notification systems) requirements. Referred to as ECS (Emergency Communications Systems) throughout the latest draft of 2010 NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code, upcoming requirements for private sector applications will also be discussed.

All presentations and take-home materials are geared toward the needs of today’s architects, engineers, end users, AHJs (authorities having jurisdiction) and government personnel. Tangible MNS/ECS solutions demonstrated to be both reliable and cost-effective will be discussed at the conclusion of this half-day forum. All attendees will receive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits.

Large-scale properties, including corporate, healthcare and educational campuses, military bases and industrial facilities are among the nation’s most prevalent MNS/ECS applications. Military MNS installations are governed by the Department of Defense’s UFC (Unified Facilities Criteria) document 4-021-01, dictating a combined MNS and fire alarm/voice evacuation system to be "the simplest and most economical approach." Many of the same UFC specifications are expected to be incorporated into the new NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code Chapter 12 titled “Emergency Communications Systems”.

In accordance with UFC specifications, Gamewell-FCI has produced a line of fire alarm/ECS combination systems ideal for both new construction and renovation applications. With the E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation system from Gamewell-FCI as the foundation of an MNS/ECS, facilities can scale and grow the system to any size. The E3 Series’ distributed network makes for a more durable or “survivable” system, while a single unshielded twisted pair of wires is capable of integrating virtually every facet of an ECS economically.

Multiple pre-recorded message capabilities, plus live voice paging and fire fighter phone communications set this system’s EVAC (emergency voice/alarm communications) capabilities apart. To achieve supreme clarity and meet forthcoming NFPA ECS intelligibility codes, all E3 Series audio communications are processed digitally. Existing fire alarm systems can also be transformed into a combination MNS/ECS with the addition of an E3 Series EVAC side-car control panel.

Back-lit signage, special high-threat pull switches, amber strobes, specialized speakers, giant voice equipment and most importantly, an LOC (Local Operating Console), are essential MNS/ECS components available from Gamewell-FCI. The LOC provides the onsite monitoring and control of multiple voice and notification appliances as outlined in the UFC document for MNS systems. The LOC from Gamewell-FCI is fully supervised and connects seamlessly with the E3 Series for a completely integrated fire alarm/ECS combo solution.

For more information on Gamewell-FCI’s mass notification/emergency communications seminars and solutions, visit To organize a personal, one-on-one presentation, contact your local Gamewell-FCI representative.