Gentex releases new photoelectric smoke alarm line

Feb. 8, 2008
Gentex Firebyrd series offers single or multiple station smoke alarms

Zeeland, MI - Gentex Corporation recently released an addition to the photoelectric smoke alarm product line. The Gentex Firebyrd Series is a photoelectric single or multiple station smoke alarm for use in commercial and commercial residential applications. The Firebyrd Series is engineered to virtually eliminate nuisance alarms and deliver outstanding performance wherever reliable fire and smoke protection is required.

The GN-200 Series is a 120VAC hard wired smoke alarm, and the GN-300 Series is 120VAC hard wired smoke alarm with 9VDC alkaline battery back-up in the event building power is lost. The GN-300 Series includes a battery drawer on side of the unit to allow for battery replacement without removing unit from wall or ceiling. The GN-200 and GN-300 Series produces an 85 decibel continuous tone while the GN-203 and GN-303 produce a 85 decibel temporal 3 evacuation tone.

The Firebyrd Series has many features including a push button test to simulate 3.5% smoke condition, mounting bracket for ease of installation, Sure-Lock locking pin to detour tampering, a quick disconnect wire harness, tandem capabilities with all Gentex tandem capable smoke alarms and the Easy Wash on site maintenance program. The Gentex Firebyrd Series is UL 217 listed and complies with NFPA 72.