Gamewell-FCI grows to complete emergency communications technology provider

March 15, 2012
Experienced distributor network stands ready to support facilities' in-buildings, between-buildings and distributed recipient emergency communications needs

NORTHFORD, Conn., March 15, 2012 - Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell has expanded its portfolio of emergency communications systems (ECS) to encompass technologies for in-building, between-building and distributed recipient mass notification. Experienced in ECS design, installation and requirements, Gamewell-FCI's nationwide network of Engineered Systems Distributors can choose from a broad range of technologies to customize an emergency communications solution for virtually any facility's needs.

Gamewell-FCI's E3 Series® fire alarm and ECS provides advanced fire protection and autonomous control of in-building and between-buildings emergency communications. This combined approach offers a cost-effective and completely supervised system, designed to be highly survivable and to meet stringent requirements surrounding performance, testing, maintenance and power back-up. The capability to create and send distributed recipient notifications via email, SMS text alerts, computer pop-ups and even cable television systems can also be accomplished through Gamewell-FCI technology offerings.

With countless E3 Series fire alarm and ECS already protecting school campuses, hospitals, government facilities, military bases and various other facilities across the U.S., Gamewell-FCI's Distributors are excited about the new capabilities available to them and their customers.

"We can now go in and lay all of our capabilities on the table and allow the facilities to choose what they need," exclaims Duane Hannasch, president of Fire Alarm Control Systems, San Antonio, Tex, and one of Gamewell-FCI's biggest ECS installers. "Then we can lay out the system and even install it in phases as budgets allow or add more advanced fire and emergency communications functions to existing systems over time."

For in-building audible notification, the E3 Series fire alarm and ECS can be programmed to broadcast pre-recorded messages or live paging to specific areas of a facility or across an entire campus. Gamewell-FCI Local Operator Consoles (LOCs) can be installed within facilities to provide remote monitoring and control of an entire fire alarm and ECS network, in addition to allowing users to send live paging and pre-recorded announcements. LOCs are required by the Department of Defense (DoD) on all U.S. military installations, and prescribed by NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code as an essential part of an in-building ECS for commercial facilities.

Highly visible notification technologies such as digital and LED signage and high-impact Alert Beacons can be seamlessly integrated with the E3 Series system. A unique text-to-speech (TTS) module can broadcast the same text messages displayed on signage as audible announcements through the speakers of an E3 Series system, offering facilities another means to quickly create and disseminate customized emergency communications.

To cover outdoor areas between-buildings, high-powered speaker and siren systems easily integrate with the E3 Series system to deliver continuous tone alerts and intelligible voice announcements. These wireless networking technologies and compact, high-powered amplifiers can offer significant savings in costs and physical space.

Rounding out Gamewell-FCI's ECS line is a distributed recipient notification software platform that allows facilities to disseminate information through emails, SMS texts, and alerts on desktop computers and cable televisions.

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