Resolver GRC joins PPM Incident Management

April 14, 2015
On the heels of their acquisition of PPM’s end-to-end incident management software, Klass Capital has acquired Resolver GRC and their audit, risk, and compliance software.

Edmonton, AB—April 14, 2015—Klass Capital’s December 2014 acquisition of PPM, the industry’s leading authority on enterprise incident management software, has been followed by their acquisition of Resolver Inc., a global leader in risk-based corporate performance, compliance, and assurance software. The acquisition includes Resolver’s GRC product line, their company operations, and an established customer base of more than 400 companies around the world.

Will Anderson, CEO, stated, “The combination of Resolver and PPM will give us a truly unique, enterprise risk management solution that merges governance, risk, and compliance with end-to-end incident management.” Added Daniel Klass, Klass Capital’s Managing Partner, "Resolver is an essential component of Klass and PPM's vision to build a scalable SaaS platform for the risk and compliance market. We are excited to partner with the Resolver team, which brings to the table deep industry expertise and experience."

PPM and Resolver will continue to operate out of Edmonton and Toronto, focused on their respective customer bases and current roadmaps. Over time, the two companies will be merged under a common vision, bringing together the leadership and operations of both organizations.Resolver’s Steve Taylor, who will be stepping into a new role as the VP of Business Development across both PPM and Resolver, stated “Client demand has shown us the importance of integrating deep incident management capabilities with our existing risk management, compliance and audit solutions. With Resolver and PPM working together, we’ll continue to offer our clients industry leading GRC solutions with unmatched breadth and depth.” Elaine O’Sullivan, PPM’s President, echoed this sentiment, “More and more, our clients are asking how they can leverage Perspective for enterprise risk management across legal, finance, internal audit, and of course, security. Governance, risk, and compliance naturally become part of the conversation. We look forward to working with Resolver as we introduce their GRC suite to our clients, initially as a separate solution but, over time, as a unified platform.”

 About PPM:

PPM helps organizations meet their risk, performance, and intelligence objectives with incident management solutions that leverage technology and process for a powerful knowledge base. Perspective by PPM is an end-to-end software solution for responding to, reporting on, and analyzing enterprise events—from dispatches to activities, incidents to investigations. Users intelligently action and query their data to manage resources, make informed decisions, and prevent incidents. Perspective is highly customizable and can be configured for a single location or implemented worldwide, dedicated to corporate security or expanded across multiple departments. With the ability to integrate to any application, Perspective is an essential part of an organization’s Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) initiatives.

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 1-888-776-9776. Follow PPM on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or visit the PPM blog.

About Resolver:

Resolver is a global leader in risk-based corporate performance, compliance and assurance software, with more than 400 clients across 40 countries, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, government agencies, and 9 of the top 10 global accounting firms. For over a decade, Resolver has helped businesses drive performance through intelligent audit, risk, and compliance software that helps organizations identify the biggest risks to success and coordinate assurance, compliance, and risk activities. 

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 888-891-5500. Follow Resolver on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or visit the Resolver blog.

About Klass:

Klass is a growth equity firm established to provide expansion stage capital to high growth enterprise software businesses. Klass is backed by a $50 billion dollar pension plan and a number of institutional investors and high net worth entrepreneurs. Klass moves quickly, has a collaborative approach, and strongly believes in adding value to its partners.

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