Advanced Data Risk Management (ADRM) announces the launch of DEFENDER

Jan. 25, 2024
This platform provides a comprehensive view of the security environment’s performance and health, delivering real-time events, metrics, and alerts.

WOBURN, MA – January 24, 2024 – Advanced Data Risk Management (ADRM), a leading provider of data-driven risk management solutions, proudly announces the launch of the innovative DEFENDER Managed Services Platform. The DEFENDER platform is currently in use across ADRM’s managed services client sites, improving, overseeing, and maintaining the reliability of their security systems.

As a managed services provider, ADRM is entrusted with the critical task of managing and optimizing the IT infrastructure, software systems, and edge devices for a variety of clients on a global scale. The DEFENDER platform excels in the managed services sector by ensuring the seamless operation of integrated electronic security systems, including video management, access control, intrusion detection, key control, and visitor management systems.

DEFENDER marks a significant advancement in the managed services space. This platform provides a comprehensive view of the security environment’s performance and health, delivering real-time events, metrics, and alerts. This functionality allows for proactive management of system components, predicts issues, mitigates risk, and significantly enhances the robustness and resiliency of networks and systems.

The platform also manages abstract components, such as system licenses, support agreements, software packages, inventory, maintenance tasks, projects, proposals, meeting notes, and support tickets, facilitating streamlined access to pivotal information for both the ADRM Team and clients. DEFENDER also tracks installation projects and scores vendor, software, and product performance worldwide!

Dan O’Neill, President and CEO of ADRM, stated, “DEFENDER is a significant differentiator for ADRM in the managed services space. This powerful platform provides valuable insights into the health of our clients’ environment and equips users to take proactive measures to ensure all systems and components are optimized. DEFENDER’s chief architect is Matt Isgur, who was responsible for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s electronic security systems for 15 years. He is supported by ADRM’s diverse team who are experts in IT, systems engineering, security operations, emergency management, system integration and managed services”.

Matt Isgur, ADRM CTO, reflecting on his past role as an end-user, notes, "managing data from various sources can be a significant challenge. It is essential to transform complexity into clear, actionable insights, and this is where DEFENDER excels, by utilizing proprietary algorithms to spot trends and address system health proactively. DEFENDER is more than a monitoring tool; it is an essential hub for all components of a security infrastructure."

In an era where system integrity is of utmost importance, the DEFENDER Managed Services Platform by ADRM emerges as a forward-thinking solution, ensuring the resilience and protection of essential systems across vast global networks. It offers a unified perspective on system health, alerts, and monthly reports, ensuring peak performance of our clients’ security systems.