Datawatch Systems granted U.S. patent for security monitoring

Nov. 19, 2018
Patent covers systems and methods for processing security sensor data that enables to quickly review portions of sensor data streams

BETHESDA, Md. – November 19, 2018 -- Datawatch Systems, the industry leader in managed security solutions and services, announced today that the United States Patent Office recently issued the Company a patent that addresses critical security monitoring demands and trends sweeping the access control and emergency management industry. US Patent 10,063,534 covers systems and methods for processing security sensor data that enable a user to quickly and efficiently review portions of sensor data streams.

“Datawatch Systems’ growing portfolio of patents provides testimony to our industry leadership – and our ongoing commitment to our customers – in developing and providing state-of-the-art security monitoring solutions for today’s access control and emergency management needs,” said William F. Peel, III, CEO, Datawatch Systems.

The Cumbersome Limitations of Existing Video Storage, Security Monitoring Systems

In today's world of more frequent natural and man-made disasters, emergency and access control management services are increasingly in demand. Ensuring the physical security of areas and buildings, such as offices, government buildings, warehouses, storage lots, etc. -- whether occupied or not – is often a critical, around-the-clock business imperative.

The monitoring systems which are currently used to help ensure the security of these areas and structures, for the most part, utilize technology to capture information from a variety of sensors: video; audio; infrared; proximity sensors; motion sensors, etc. The vast amount of data received from even one sensor type, which is usually saved in either on-site or off-site archival storage, renders the use of these systems cumbersome and ineffective. Typically, off-site data archiving is useful for storing large amounts of data, but it’s less effective and efficient when it comes to retrieving and reviewing a certain portion of the data in real-time. On-site storage, on the other hand, is normally easier and quicker to access, but is generally limited in the amount of data it can handle. 

The constraints and disadvantages associated with on-premise storage are numerous: from dealing with issues related to dead batteries, limited capacities, and lack of backup power, to inaccurate time stamps due to system reset after a power outage, or inadequate climate control for IT equipment. Conversely, datacenter storage in the cloud alleviates these burdens and makes both retrieving and accessing data substantially more efficient.

Contemporary state-of-the-art security monitoring systems do not allow for a determination or selection of where security system sensor data is to be stored, thereby making it difficult to recover and review data on demand. Furthermore, current systems generally treat all sensor data as being the same, which exacerbates the problem of timely retrieval. Additionally, present-day systems do not allow for different management schemes of the data streams, e.g., viewing and recording, depending on whether the request and/or instructions came from a local/inside user or a mobile/outside user. 

In today’s world of real-time, on-demand information, there is a heightened need for systems and methods for processing security sensor data that readily enables a user to quickly and efficiently review selected portions of sensor data streams.

An Efficient Modern Solution for Today’s Security Monitoring Needs

Datawatch Systems was previously granted patent 9,843,570 for security monitoring, upon which, this current patent builds.

The latest Datawatch patent addresses methods and systems for providing more efficient and effective security monitoring services to customers. For example, data monitoring analytics and archival services are provided via a cloud-based architecture in which long-term storage of client video is maintained on servers at a remote data center. Clients can access and analyze their video footage from the client site while maintaining local control of surveillance equipment. In addition, clients may have short term video storage capability on site for a configurable duration of time. Virtual Private Networks provide secure connections between the client site and data center, a remote central monitoring station, and mobile devices. Through a secure mobile and web access interface, clients can remotely control surveillance equipment and view live or recorded video. This remote viewing capability is achieved via an authentication process between the mobile device and the data center. Once authenticated, a secure connection to the data center and client site is established within milliseconds enabling the user to readily view archived footage or monitor the client site security system.

The first application of this newest patent is found today in Datawatch Systems Hosted VideoWatch® for efficiently retrieving and on-demand/real-time reviewing of video footage. Available immediately, the cost-effective video surveillance, cloud-based solution helps organizations embrace the promise of IT efficiencies.

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