HiveWatch customers report faster resolved Incidents, more efficient operations

Aug. 24, 2022
Company achieves double-digit growth, SOC2 Certification

Los Angeles, Aug. 24, 2022 – HiveWatch, a physical security software company reimagining how organizations keep their people and assets safe, announced today its latest customer wins, including an average 14-minute reduction in time to resolve an incident, from 15 minutes to 1 minute, and a significant reduction in false alarms. These results, taken directly from established HiveWatch customers, are driving increased interest and spurring greater investments in hiring across the company’s diverse workforce.

Customer Wins: Fewer False Alarms, Faster Response 

HiveWatch customers have reported significant wins related to false alarms, time to resolution, and response times, including: 
  • One customer reported that prior to leveraging the HiveWatch Security Fusion Platform™, there was a 15-minute average time to resolve an incident, from acknowledgment to closure. After implementing HiveWatch, the weekly average is 1 minute. 
  • One customer had so many incoming alarms, they determined the organization would need six times the number of operators they currently have per day to respond to every alarm. Implementing HiveWatch saved the customer budget in hiring additional operators and those on duty were able to spend less time reacting to alarms. With these results, the customer was able to free up 58% of their operators’ time to work on more proactive and customer-facing security measures.
  • Through the data provided by device health monitoring, one customer was able to have their systems team address the root cause of 30% of their false alarms just within the first 60 days of using the HiveWatch Security Fusion Platform™. 

 "HiveWatch customers have reported seeing significant gains from the use of the HiveWatch Operating System in their global security operations. With fewer false alarms and 15x faster resolution times, operators were able to respond to threats quicker and contribute to more proactive security work,” said Jordan Hill, Head of Product, HiveWatch. “Reducing noise, connecting disparate systems, and increasing operational efficiency through security-focused design and performance analytics are foundational first steps for our customers in building future forward physical security programs. If you think these results are impressive, we're just getting started.” 

HiveWatch Achieves SOC2 Certification

In line with the company’s goal to provide a secure way to streamline GSOC operations, HiveWatch recently completed its System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2® Type 2 certification, which serves as a baseline for building best practices for data security. While this is an accepted standard, HiveWatch exceeds it.

This is together with the addition of Nick Vigier, a seasoned technology and security leader focused on innovation, as a vCISO for the company.

“The SOC2 certification allows HiveWatch to establish itself in the market as a company that operates with the highest quality industry standards – and serves as a baseline for our focus on building secure practices across the organization,” said Ryan Schonfeld, Founder & CEO, HiveWatch. “It’s an external validation of our dedication to security and compliance, which helps build trust for our customers in the work we do and processes we have in place.”

HiveWatch Sees Double-digit Growth with Focus on DE&I

As HiveWatch continues to build its client base and offering, the company has invested in growing its business to more than 60 employees, has a new office in El Segundo, Calif., fitted for growth, and is heavily focused on hiring top talent with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind. 

“DE&I for us is not a talking point. It’s ingrained in everything that we do and it’s how we’ve structured the company from day one,” said Cameron Khani, Head of Talent Acquisition, HiveWatch. “We have an offer acceptance rate of 94%, which is a testament to our dedication in making sure we’re transparent through the hiring process – from pay transparency to clear next steps.”

So far this year HiveWatch has participated in their local Hermosa Beach Pride event, had a day of learning on Juneteenth, and is gearing up their plans for Hispanic Heritage Month to name just a few ways they’re assuring their diverse workforce feels supported.

HiveWatch recently added Senior Product Manager Jon Harris, who joined The Hive from Latch, as well as customer adoption specialists, engineers, account executives, and security operations center operators. 

“As HiveWatch grows and the industry embraces the unique approach we have to physical security, we’re poised to build on the security programs businesses already have in place. To make them better, more efficient, and more streamlined,” Schonfeld said. “We’re doing all of this with a dedication to inclusivity, innovation, and a focus on helping organizations become more operationally efficient no matter where they are in building their security programs.” 

Meet with the HiveWatch Team

The HiveWatch team will attend Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Atlanta, Sept. 12-14, where they will host a unique event atop a historic Atlanta rooftop alongside Ava Security, SiteOwl, and Vistacom. Register here to join the fun.

About HiveWatch:

HiveWatch is a Security Fusion Platform™ that allows security teams to bring together data from their existing disparate security systems and provides them with an intelligent, holistic, and actionable view, enabling them to respond to prioritized, "de-noised" risks. HiveWatch strives to revolutionize the tired and aged security industry and enable organizations to create security programs simpler by reducing data noise, complexities, and cost. HiveWatch accomplishes this through its Multi-sensor Resolution™ algorithms. HiveWatch makes it easier for companies to keep their people, assets, and brands safe. HiveWatch is utilized by a variety of companies sprawling many industries -- from Fortune 500, to high-tech, to critical infrastructure, and everywhere in between. Learn more at