unveils new video doorbell and LTE sensor at CES

Jan. 11, 2021
Touchless doorbell option supports social distancing requirements; while sensor brings connectivity to any area that can receive LTE signals

While many traditional residential security-centric companies have chosen to forego the all-digital version of the annual CES show, it was full speed ahead for, which made two major product introductions on Monday at the virtual Pepcom event.

The first is a new video doorbell with a COVID-friendly spin; the second is a LTE-powered sensor that can be
deployed in challenging environments.  

Touchless Video Doorbell

The touchless doorbell eliminates the need to physically press a button – anyone coming to the front door simply stands on a doormat placed at a safe distance to ring the chime. Rather than using motion detection, the product’s internal video analytics do the work.

“When I go to answer my door, I can avoid that awkward moment where we are standing too close together,” explained Allison Beach,’s managing director of research and development, who demoed the product. “Since they are already not within arm's reach of my door – six feet away – I can open the door and feel more comfortable.”

According to a press release, when a person is detected, the doorbell immediately triggers the existing chime in the home, sends a mobile alert to the homeowner and starts recording a video clip. Homeowners can see and speak with visitors through the doorbell’s live HD video and two-way audio. During the demo, Beach removed the outer covering of the unit to reveal a traditional doorbell underneath, in case the homeowner wants to go back to traditional operation.  

The device also features:

  • 150-degree vertical field-of-view that gives homeowners a full head-to-toe image of visitors and clear look at packages left on the doorstep
  • Optimized portrait viewing on mobile so there’s no need to rotate the mobile device
  • Full HD resolution, HDR, and infrared night vision
  • Onboard heater for low temperature operation
  • Live video and saved clip viewing using the mobile app or website

Although it is company’s first internally-created video doorbell, corporate communications director Chris Basso told me that the company would still be offering the Skybell video doorbell line to its dealers for the foreseeable future. “We want to give dealers more choices to help meet the needs of customers,” he said.

Open/Close notifications from anywhere

The Flex IO is a new battery-powered sensor device that has been weatherproofed for outdoor durability. It uses the latest
LTE-M technology to operate anywhere there's LTE coverage and without a panel, hub or even Wi-Fi. According to a press release, security service providers can offer the device as a standalone solution or as an expansion to a customer’s existing system.

“I have seen dealers try to rig something where they take an indoor sensor and put it inside a totally custom enclosure for gate sensors, (for example),” explained SVP and co-founder Ali Slavin, who demoed the product. “We saw this as an opportunity to come up with something better that is also totally standalone.

“A lot of these (use-case) pictures here are from my property,” she added. “I live in a more rural setting – I have one on my chicken coop; I have one on a shed; and we have one at the end of our long driveway, so when packages get delivered, we get an alert right away.”

According to the release, the sensor sets up in seconds and can be attached to almost anything, such as doors, gates, sheds, barns, detached garages, guest houses and other access points around a property. A wired magna-loop input option keeps users informed if freestanding items, like a motorcycle or lawn mower, are moved.

An expected battery life of more than two years and the vast LTE coverage via AT&T and Verizon paved the way for this product’s development. It also includes wired inputs that enable the device to integrate with other sensor devices, such as motion detection or water leak detection.  

Both products are now available to dealers via its partner portal, or feel free to submit a request more information at  

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