CES through an expert consultant's eyes

Jan. 17, 2024
Check out a handful of the cool startups with expert security consultant Pierre Bourgeix LIVE from CES 2024

Take a look at some of the security-related startups LIVE from Eureka Park at CES 2024 through the eyes of a veteran expert security consultant!

Pierre Bourgeix is CEO and founder of ESI Convergent LLC and the CEO of Elevated Sale Inc. In more than 20 years as a global security consultant and innovator, he has been deeply involved in developing security governance programs and has been integral in the design of enterprise security systems.

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This is PART ONE of a two-part Eureka Park series with Pierre.

Here is Part Two!!


Akidaia has created an offline access control solution. While solutions like badges, mobile apps, QR codes & biometrics have always needed to be connected to a database of authorized users, this technology decentralizes access rights, eliminating heavy and expensive infrastructure, and protecting against cyber-attacks. It is ideal as a security solution for temporary sites such as construction sites and isolated areas like technical facilities or industrial sites. https://akidaia.com

Galeon Hacker Defense Protection (HDP) instantly detects and prevents cyberattacks, protecting patients and Hospital assets. During an attack, Galeon HDP switches to SAFE MODE. It closes all compromised access and monitor traffic to let caregivers access to the patient file. https://www.galeon.care/en/electronic-health-record-galeon 

Truesense is a highly specialized company that designs Edge AI software on UWB sensors, with unique expertise in the hybridization of ranging and Doppler functionalities. TrueSense has vertically integrated R&D, developing UWB modules based on NXP Semiconductor technology to target the market of UWB applications. Ultra-wideband is a radio technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4 and 802.15.4z standards that in terms of location accuracy, power consumption, robustness in wireless connectivity, and security can outperform other technologies (like Bluetooth or WiFi) in challenging environments by a wide margin. https://www.truesense.it

Algorized is proud to introduce its latest innovation at CES 2024, an advanced chip-agnostic software to detect people presence, vital signs detection and even capable of distinguishing between adults and children, by leveraging robust algorithms and UWB Radar technology to enhance people health and safety. https://www.algorized.com

Ghostpass Inc. is a self-distributed biometric authentication solution company that monitors and controls large amounts of biometric information by storing it individually on users' smart devices, rather than storing it in bulk in the cloud (central server), eliminating privacy concerns. The innovative solution sends biometric data detected by the authentication request to the user's smartphone for authentication. This allows user to fully own the sovereignty of biometric information, and provides approximately 70- 90% cost savings and strong security compared to traditional server methods. Ghostpass is a member of Samsung's C-Lab program. https://www.ghostpass.ai

SuperLight Photonics has miniaturized the supercontinuum laser to a PIC (Photon-IC) and turned it into a handheld device, an industry first. This opens a world of in-field applications previously not accessible. With the product mounted on a drone, it can support aerial surveillance, precision farming, and crop monitoring. Handheld devices open the applications of forensics, material and surface inspection, environmental sensing, and quality control. In short, it brings the lab to the field. Cees Links is CEO of SuperLight Photonics and the inventor of WiFi. https://www.superlightphotonics.com

Safe-living is a contactless security and presence detection system for Swiss households that automatically calls for help when needed. This enhances quality of life and safety within one’s own home. In the event of a potentially unsafe situation at home, safe-living automatically triggers an emergency call without the need for any manual activation or wearing of devices. Similar to a smoke detector that alerts in the presence of smoke, the system becomes active in other critical situations. These include instances such as falls, unusually long bathroom stays, inability to get up in the morning, but also potential intrusions. https://www.safe-living.com/en

Solaires uses perovskite to develop next-generation solar technology that revolutionizes and accelerates the energy transition towards a cleaner world. Perovskite Solar Cells are light, flexible, and transparent thin-film with higher efficiency than conventional silicon solar panels and greater flexibility for a wider range of innovative applications. The technology has the potential to eliminate battery replacement in #security technologies such as smart locks and video surveillance cameras. https://www.solaires.net

OneMeta's VerbumSuite platform, powered by AI, helps to create a more understanding world by making conversations more meaningful. It can translate, interpret, and transcribe 150+ languages in real-time, ensuring that communication is never lost. This enables individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential anytime and anywhere. https://www.onemeta.ai