Hailo showcases the future of edge AI at CES 2024

Jan. 9, 2024
The company’s advanced Hailo-15 and Hailo-8 AI processors hold the key to secure, reliable, next-generation solutions by bringing cloud processing capabilities to the edge.

LAS VEGAS, January 9, 2024 — Hailo, a chipmaker of edge artificial intelligence (AI) processors, is bringing its groundbreaking edge AI technology to CES 2024, demonstrating the vast potential of smart devices as proven by some of its leading customers.

Hailo’s innovative Hailo-8 AI accelerators and Hailo-15 AI vision processors are uniquely designed with an AI-first approach to perform data center-class AI processing directly on edge devices, dramatically improving inference performance at high accuracy and low latency, while reducing power consumption.

CES 2024 attendees can see edge AI at work in a variety of Hailo partner solutions, including the first examples of Hailo-15 AI empowered smart cameras by Truen and Gunsens, as well as multiple security, video management systems and automotive solutions empowered by Hailo-8 AI accelerators.

“The market for edge AI is accelerating with the demand for highly accurate real-time video analytics,” said Orr Danon, CEO of Hailo. “Hailo continues to push the boundaries of AI processing by enabling its customers to embed high-performance deep learning into edge devices. With the recent introduction of Hailo-15 and the expansion of our Hailo-8 portfolio, we’re ready to show CES the disruptive power of edge AI.”

Hailo-15 and Hailo-8 Processors Raise the Bar on Edge AI

Recently launched, Hailo-15 is a family of high-performance vision processors designed to be integrated into intelligent cameras to deliver unprecedented video processing and analytics at the edge. By introducing superior AI capabilities into cameras, Hailo is addressing a growing demand in the market for better, faster, smarter video systems.

Hailo-15-empowered cameras deliver both AI-powered video enhancement and AI-powered video analytics due to their high compute power, memory efficient and AI-focused architecture. In security applications, for example, this allows faster and more accurate detection of people, objects, and situations, at a high resolution even in challenging lighting conditions. Practically speaking, a Hailo-15-based smart camera can identify smaller and more distant objects with higher accuracy and fewer false alarms.

The Hailo-8 AI accelerators have been deployed in hundreds of programs and products to date. To meet growing demand, Hailo recently expanded its Hailo-8 offerings to include the high-performance Hailo-8 Century PCIe card line, which offers up to 208 TOPS for demanding applications, and the Hailo-8L, which makes advanced AI processing available for entry-level applications.

Real-World Edge AI on Display at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Hailo will show the power of edge AI processing in three key markets: video management systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD),and security.

● Video management systems: Hailo’s edge AI and vision processors can be integrated with video management systems (VMS) that aggregate video feeds at the network edge and apply AI analytics to them. Hailo offers significant cost savings on video analytics with more AI compute capability per price unit, supporting more complex applications and pipelines, enabling more applications per stream and more streams per platform.

It also enables significant savings on streaming bandwidth and storage space by enabling event-based recording. Hailo will demonstrate a complete VMS system featuring IronLink’s All-in-One managed AI NVR empowered by Hailo, integrated with the Network Optix Nx Witness VMS platform, and running CVEDIA’s object and people detection application on 30 streams.

● ADAS and AD: Edge AI is critical to the safety and comfort applications of autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which rely on AI to perceive data from cameras and other sensors for full situational awareness. Hailo’s automotive-grade AI processors provide the high power-efficiency needed to pack more AI processing into a vehicle and to scale AI compute power to the required level of autonomy – all at an attractive cost for mass-market adoption.

Hailo’s partner Tier IV will demonstrate a multi-camera detection and segmentation solution leveraging the Hailo-8 AI Accelerator, while in conjunction with the Renesas smart front camera demonstration, Hailo will demonstrate high-accuracy object detection from six 2MP cameras, processed by the Renesas R-Car V4H Series and Hailo-8 AI Accelerator.

Also on display will be a Hailo-empowered ADAS Domain Controller from iMotion and ECU for off-highway vehicles solution by TT Control. Velo.ai will show its Copilot solution integrating Hailo processors for AI-powered electric bikes.

● Security: To meet high accuracy requirements with minimal error rate, considerable compute power is needed, especially when high-resolution cameras are used. Hailo enables high AI performance for running state-of-the-art pipelines with extremely accurate results, ensuring more reliable security systems, fewer false alarms and greater data privacy.

At CES 2024, Hailo’s partner Truen will present the first Hailo-15-based smart camera, capable of AI-powered video enhancement and AI video analytics. In addition, Gunsens will present its Hailo-15-based shooting threat-detection solution. Snap One will demo its Hailo-8 powered Luma Insights Platform for Control4 automation and networking systems.

In addition, Hailo will demonstrate the power of AI-enabled video enhancement. Hailo-based edge AI dramatically improves image quality, and provides a clear, sharp image — even from poor-quality, unstable, or low-light video. The result of AI-enabled video enhancement is vastly improved, highly accurate AI detection and analysis.

“Hailo and its partners are at the forefront of integrating AI processing into diverse solutions and industries, and now the CES community can experience them first-hand,” Danon said. “Hailo’s edge AI solutions are field-proven, embraced by customers across the world, and designed to be future-proof because they can be used across applications and devices. Hailo’s advanced processors offer a complete, scalable suite of AI capabilities that stand ready to redefine ‘smart’ across every industry.” For more information about Hailo, visit www.hailo.ai.