Police arrest 'suspicious' man at Miami airport

Jan. 21, 2011
Man allegedly found taking pictures of sensitive areas


A man was arrested and turned over to federal authorities Tuesday after police said he was taking photos of "sensitive areas" inside and outside of a terminal at Miami International Airport.

According to the incident report from Miami-Dade County police, on Jan. 11th, 32-year-old Oluwole Aboyade was seen walking through the airport and taking pictures.

A sergeant stopped Aboyade in the Dolphin parking garage.

In the incident report, he wrote: “I explained to Mr. Aboyade that I was alarmed by his behavior and concerned for the safety of people and property in the area.”

Police said Aboyade did not give them any information about what he was doing or why. In the incident report, the sergeant described his behavior as "evasive."

Police said there was no indication Aboyade had a plane ticket.

Shortly after the confrontation, the sergeant led Aboyade inside the terminal, where he was detained.

After further investigation, federal immigration authorities said Aboyade was in the country illegally and wanted for violating U.S. immigration law.

Because Miami International Airport is a public facility, anyone is allowed to take video and pictures inside.

An official from the Transportation Security Administration told Local 10 that if photography is stepping over the line into surveillance, TSA agents should alert police, which is what happened in Aboyade's case.

Aboyade is currently in custody at the Krome North Detention Center.

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