L-3 Communications Completes Installation of In-Line Explosive Detection System

Oct. 22, 2004
Networked system achieves unprecedented checked baggage throughput rates

L-3 Communications announced today that its subsidiary L-3 Security and Detection Systems has completed an in-line explosives detection system (EDS) installation at Harrisburg International Airport. This marks the 12th U.S. airport where the eXaminer 3DX 6000 has been successfully integrated into the baggage handling system.

Through close collaboration with L-3 and other key stakeholders, Harrisburg International Airport achieved impressive throughput rates of 530 bags per hour for each eXaminer 3DX 6000 system in its new terminal. In a recent test with the airport and engineering firms, the system of three eXaminers working in tandem processed upwards of 1590 bags per hour.

"L-3 has worked with us throughout the development, installation and testing of the eXaminer systems," said Fred Testa, airport director, Harrisburg International Airport. "Their onsite technical staff has helped us to achieve and maintain the highest baggage throughput rates of any domestic airport."

The screening system at the airport is monitored by a centralized, networked, on-screen resolution (OSR) room, which enables resources to be deployed more effectively. During peak hours, X-ray images can be equally distributed among operators, eliminating the need to have an operator dedicated to each eXaminer. This reduces costs significantly.

"Working with Harrisburg International Airport from the outset has enabled L-3 to be a true partner at the table," said Allen Barber, senior vice president and general manager of L-3 Security and Detection Systems. "By collaborating with the airport, baggage handling company, construction firm, and airport consultants, we were able to build a smarter and faster system that demonstrates the dramatically higher throughput achievable with the eXaminer."

The eXaminer 3DX 6000 is one of two systems certified by the Transportation Security Administration to screen checked baggage. More than 500 of the high technology systems are deployed throughout the world, with seven major airports using networked configurations.