SailPoint acquires SecZetta to provide comprehensive identity security for non-employee identities

Jan. 13, 2023
This move accelerates the company’s vision of becoming the de facto identity security platform of choice for the modern enterprise

AUSTIN, January 12, 2023 – SailPoint Technologies, Inc., the leader in enterprise identity security, has announced it has acquired SecZetta, the leading provider of third-party identity risk solutions. With nearly half of today’s enterprises comprised of non-employees, organizations need to factor this growing group of identities into their approach to identity security. With SecZetta, SailPoint will help companies gain better visibility into all types of identities, across both employee and non-employee identities – from third-party contractors to temporary workers, and non-human identities – all from a single, market-leading identity security platform. This acquisition will give enterprises the centralized approach needed, plus the proper identity proofing required to fully validate non-employee identities across their businesses.  

“The enterprise identity landscape has changed significantly in the last few years. We went from a largely in-office workforce to a distributed, virtual workforce and now a hybrid workforce. On top of that, most enterprises no longer rely solely on full-time employees to keep their business running. Yet not all of these companies have considered how this change impacts their approach to identity security,” said Grady Summers, EVP Product for SailPoint. “With SecZetta, we can quickly give our customers the consolidated intelligence and visibility they need to ensure proper oversight into all identities and their technology access needs, regardless of whether they are a full-time employee or not.” 

SailPoint and SecZetta have a long-standing partnership. Once SecZetta’s solutions are fully integrated into SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud platform, SailPoint will deliver a unified platform to customers --providing context-rich identity information with the right level of intelligence needed to answer the “who should have access to what”, “when” and “why” questions for this unique, often under-secured set of identities. With SecZetta, SailPoint will also be able to further help companies with identity consolidation efforts, merging and organizing workforce data across authoritative sources to create a centralized repository of identities.  This identity intelligence will then be offered as a packaged offering within the Identity Security Cloud platform to deliver the next generation of identity security – one that provides the critical layer of risk management and governance needed across both employee and non-employee identities from a single platform. 

“Acquiring SecZetta allows us to quickly address an emerging threat to our customers’ business – and that is this gap in visibility over non-employee identities. Here at SailPoint, we want to be known as the kind of company our customers can always rely on to anticipate and solve for their needs as they continue to evolve,” said Mark McClain, CEO and Founder, SailPoint.  “This announcement underscores our relentless focus on accelerating our vision of becoming the de facto identity security platform of choice that discovers, manages and secures all identities across the modern enterprise.”  

About SailPoint 

SailPoint is the leading provider of identity security for the modern enterprise. Enterprise security starts and ends with identities and their access, yet the ability to manage and secure identities today has moved well beyond human capacity. Using a foundation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the SailPoint Identity Security Platform delivers the right level of access to the right identities and resources at the right time—matching the scale, velocity, and environmental needs of today’s cloud-oriented enterprise. Our intelligent, autonomous, and integrated solutions put identity security at the core of digital business operations, enabling even the most complex organizations across the globe to build a security foundation capable of defending against today’s most pressing threats.