OneTrust announces suite of solutions to navigate US privacy laws

May 22, 2024
With the OneTrust platform, organizations can automate privacy-critical workflows, simplify compliance with regulatory intelligence, and demonstrate privacy program effectiveness.

As privacy regulations continue to evolve and proliferate across the United States (US), organizations face mounting challenges in ensuring compliance with various state and federal mandates. In response to this pressing need, OneTrust is announcing its comprehensive suite of solutions designed to assist organizations in navigating the complex landscape of US privacy laws and enabling responsible data use across the entire data lifecycle. 

These solutions come at a critical time, with 18 comprehensive US state privacy laws enacted across the United States today, alongside a proposed federal law. Moreover, by the end of 2024, nine of these laws will be in effect. As organizations already grapple with more than 4,500 regulatory updates per year, a number that is expected to grow as US privacy laws proliferate, the need for effective solutions becomes increasingly urgent.

“The proliferation of US privacy laws is creating an increasingly fragmented regulatory environment and presents significant challenges for organizations across industries,” stated Emily McEvilly, Chief Customer Officer at OneTrust. “Since the onset of the GDPR, we’ve been partnering with customers to arm them with the tools and resources that help them navigate the complex regulatory landscape with agility and efficiency. They’ve told us that our platform provides the automation, visibility, and intelligence to take a proactive approach to data privacy compliance. That’s why I’m excited about OneTrust moving beyond compliance to empower organizations to integrate privacy into their businesses, unlock the value of their data, foster trust, and scale innovation to new heights.”  

OneTrust has developed a robust suite of solutions that unify every stage of data privacy compliance. With the OneTrust platform, organizations can automate privacy-critical workflows, simplify compliance with regulatory intelligence, and demonstrate privacy program effectiveness.

How OneTrust helps organizations operationalize US privacy compliance:

  • Comprehensive Compliance Assessments: OneTrust provides organizations with the ability to conduct thorough privacy assessments to identify potential compliance gaps and prioritize remediation efforts.
  • Data Mapping and Inventory: Through advanced data mapping and inventory capabilities, OneTrust enables organizations to gain visibility into their data landscape, facilitating compliance with data subject access requests and other regulatory requirements.
  • Automated Consent Management: OneTrust’s Consent Management solution empowers organizations to obtain and manage consent effectively, ensuring compliance with consent-based privacy laws such as the CPRA and GDPR.
  • Incident Response and Breach Notification: In the event of a data breach, OneTrust offers streamlined incident response workflows and automated breach notification processes to help organizations mitigate risk and maintain compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Policy and Document Management: OneTrust facilitates the creation, dissemination, and maintenance of privacy policies and documentation, helping organizations demonstrate accountability and transparency to regulators and consumers alike.

OneTrust DataGuidance is an extensive regulatory library delivering real-time insights across hundreds of regulations and frameworks. As organizations navigate complying with US state privacy laws, OneTrust’s centralized regulatory research platform with real-time intelligence powers effective and efficient compliance programs. DataGuidance makes it easier to get the regulatory answers you need with a new built-in AI-Powered Copilot and tailored regulatory content.