Tenable launches suite of new product features to deliver full lifecycle cloud-native security

Feb. 4, 2022
Our newest Tenable.cs product features are designed to enable organizations to stay agile while reducing risk

Even as organizations are adopting the cloud at exponential rates, they continue to face the challenges of protecting and securing resources and workloads in the public cloud. And, as the responsibilities of modern security teams continue to evolve and increase in complexity, the pressure to meet workload demands while minimizing security risks continues to mount. Implementing a new framework, one that allows organizations to remain agile while strengthening security is key. Enter Tenable.cs.

Tenable.cs delivers full lifecycle cloud-native security to address cyber risks from build to runtime. It enables organizations to programmatically detect and fix cloud infrastructure misconfigurations in the design, build and runtime phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to prevent unresolved insecure configuration or exploitable vulnerabilities from reaching production.

Tenable.cs secures infrastructure as code (IaC) before deployment, maintains a secure posture in runtime and controls drift by synchronizing configuration between runtime and IaC. It enables IaC to remain the single source of truth, eliminating the need for complex and manual processes.

Newest capabilities in Tenable.cs

Tenable.cs offers continuous visibility to assess cloud hosts and container images for vulnerabilities without the need to manage scan schedules, credentials, or agents. It provides Frictionless Assessment and Nessus Vulnerability Assessment for cloud workloads as well as Tenable.io container Security.

With Tenable.cs, all cloud assets —including ephemeral assets —- are continuously reassessed as new vulnerability detections are added and as new assets are deployed. This always-on approach allows organizations to spend more time focusing on the highest priority vulnerabilities and less time on managing scans and software.

Tenable.cs now also supports Tenable.ep

Tenable.cs further expands the scope of Tenable’s comprehensive cyber exposure management platform. Now, with the addition of Tenable.cs to Tenable.ep, organizations can determine the cyber risks of their cloud resources alongside other assets, such as IT assets, web apps, containers and operational technology (OT) devices.

With Tenable.cs, Tenable now delivers an integrated, end-to-end cloud security solution and a complete picture of cyber risks across the modern attack surface with unified visibility into code, configurations, assets and workloads.

Accessing the new features

Tenable.cs gives DevSecOps teams pragmatic, cloud-native security solutions to continue the mission of helping organizations innovate in the cloud with confidence.

It is available as both a standalone solution and as a part of Tenable.ep. Additionally, Tenable has further expanded Tenable.ep, adding Tenable.ad for Active Directory environments to its platform’s single and flexible asset-based license for simple procurement and deployment. Tenable.ad will also continue to be sold as a separate solution and will be available Feb. 2

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