Chubb selects IRONSCALES to replace SEG for enterprise email security solution

Dec. 5, 2023
Chubb chose IRONSCALES because of its transparency and how quickly IRONSCALES could integrate and protect the Chubb environment from advanced phishing attacks.

ATLANTA -- IRONSCALES, an enterprise cloud email security platform combining AI and human insights to protect more than 10,000 global organizations, today announced that Chubb, a leading provider of fire safety and security solutions and services for customers worldwide, selected IRONSCALES to protect their organization from advanced phishing attacks.

As phishing threats become more sophisticated, the threat of advanced attacks like business email compromise (BEC), credential harvesting, account takeover (ATO), and VIP impersonations impacting their operations magnify. A recent study from Osterman Research revealed that, “large organizations anticipate a 43.3% increase in the threat of BEC attacks in the next 12 months.” Chubb serves more than one million customer sites and has 200+ branches across 17 countries, so protecting itself and its customers from cyber threats has been a priority.

“We needed an email security solution, which would protect our organization from the advanced phishing attacks that have been escalating in today’s cybersecurity landscape. IRONSCALES gives us an edge on these sophisticated cyber threats, offering us protection, confidence, and peace of mind,” said Lee Cartmell, CISO, Chubb Fire & Security Group. “With IRONSCALES, our IT department isn’t just getting an email security tool, they are getting instant feedback from thousands of other IT and security professionals too. We trust IRONSCALES in their ability to detect and respond to potential threats to our IT environments, ensuring that our environment and those of our customers are not impacted.”

After a recommendation from Performanta, a global managed security service provider, Chubb chose IRONSCALES because of its transparency and how quickly IRONSCALES could integrate and protect the Chubb environment from advanced phishing attacks like BEC, VIP impersonation, and credential harvesting.

The IRONSCALES platform stops the most elusive phishing attacks that breach perimeter defenses including native cloud-hosted email security controls. By combining AI and human insights from every mailbox user and 20,000+ analysts across the IRONSCALES network of global admins, IRONSCALES protects organizations where it matters most—in the user’s inbox. Deployment takes minutes and is simple to manage—most customers spend less than 12 minutes a day remediating incidents, often with the mobile app.

“Email remains the top attack vector for costly breaches. By partnering with IRONSCALES, Chubb reinforces its defenses against advanced phishing attacks and prevents users’ data from falling into the wrong hands," said Guy Golan, CEO of Performanta. “The team now has access to a cloud-based solution to automatically monitor, detect, and remediate threats, armed with real-time insights from 20,000+ analysts across the IRONSCALES network. As a result, Chubb’s IT department can quickly resolve threats and focus on what matters to them—providing safety and security services to their customers.”

“The rise of generative AI has fueled dramatic increases in the scale and sophistication of the average phishing attack,” said Eyal Benishti, CEO of IRONSCALES. “That's why it’s imperative that organizations adopt email security solutions that leverage AI and machine learning to defend against these more advanced attacks, and we’re honored to have been selected by Chubb to meet those evolving security needs. With our unique combination of adaptive AI and human insights, we’re confident that IRONSCALES and its customers will remain squarely ahead of the world's threat actors.”

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