Trustwave adds threat intelligence as a service to its offensive security offering portfolio

April 2, 2024
Trustwave TIaaS includes a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide a holistic view of the threat landscape.

Trustwave today announced the launch of Trustwave Threat Intelligence as a Service (TIaaS). Trustwave TIaaS provides organizations with timely, contextualized, and prioritized threat intelligence based on factors relevant to their operations, enabling them to make risk-based and threat-informed decisions which benefit their organizations.

"The traditional, reactive approach to cybersecurity simply isn't enough anymore," said Craig Searle, Trustwave Global Leader of Cyber Advisory. "Organizations today need an offensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity that can address the full spectrum of exposure. This requires a comprehensive understanding of their unique vulnerabilities across the entire attack surface. By moving beyond generic intelligence, Trustwave TIaaS produces intelligence-led, actionable insights, and outcomes, empowering businesses to protect critical assets and brand reputation while adopting a proactive cybersecurity posture."

The ever-shifting threat landscape demands a mix of offensive security tactics. Led by Trustwave's team of SpiderLabs security experts, Trustwave TIaaS leverages industry-leading expertise and a deep understanding of global threats to provide clients with:

  • Early Warning Systems: Proactive identification of potential risks to brand reputation, infrastructure, and overall security posture.
  • Risk-Based Decision Making: Informed decision-making through insights and analysis directly relevant to their organization's environment.
  • Attack Surface Understanding: Identified insecure services, assets, and systems through attack surface monitoring and analysis.
  • Reduced False Positives: Enhanced confidence with validated intelligence from multiple sources, minimizing wasted resources on false threats.
  • Faster Incident Response: Streamlined communication with targeted alerts delivered directly to the appropriate personnel in their organization.
  • Always Up-to-Date Intelligence: Continuous monitoring and reporting on evolving threats, trends, and threat actor profiles.

Trustwave TIaaS is delivered using Trustwave’s SpiderLabs Intelligence Led Knowledgebase (SILK) Methodology, a human-led approach that combines expert analysis with advanced threat intelligence tooling to produce validated, high-value intelligence. Trustwave TIaaS includes a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide a holistic view of the threat landscape, including:

  • Initial Threat Assessment Workshop: A collaborative workshop to understand your security posture and key areas of concern.
  • Attack Surface Analysis: Identification of potential vulnerabilities across your attack surface, including domains, subdomains, and external-facing assets.
  • Intelligence Analysis: Continuous intelligence gathering and analysis to stay ahead of emerging threats specific to your industry and region.
  • Dark Web & Public Internet Monitoring: Proactive search for compromised data or credentials or other indicators of impending attacks.
  • Threat Knowledgebase: A centralized repository of critical information on known threat groups and actors and their tactics.
  • Tabletop Exercise: Testing and enhancing your incident response procedures through a simulated attack scenario.
  • Threat Intelligence Reporting: Strategic and tactical insights to keep you informed about the latest threats relevant to their operations.

By partnering with Trustwave, organizations gain access to industry-recognized leadership in security and threat intelligence, along with practical security guidance informed by real-world threat research. Trustwave’s global reach ensures comprehensive threat coverage, with support available in 86 countries. Trustwave solutions are also designed to be flexible and differentiated to meet specific needs and budget.

To learn more about Trustwave TIaaS and how it can safeguard your organization, visit here.