IBM and Microsoft partner to modernize security operations against cloud identity threats

July 2, 2024
By leveraging the full range of Microsoft's security portfolio, IBM's TDR Cloud Native service effectively protects Microsoft cloud environments for clients.

IBM and Microsoft announced their strengthened cybersecurity collaboration to help clients simplify and modernize their security operations, and manage and protect their hybrid cloud identities.

As organizations embrace hybrid cloud and AI to drive innovation, they require advanced security capabilities to protect their most valuable data. By combining IBM Consulting's cybersecurity services with Microsoft's comprehensive security technology portfolio, the two companies are providing clients the tools and expertise needed to help them simplify and modernize their end-to-end security operations, harness the power of the cloud, protect data, and drive business growth.

"To successfully navigate the ever-evolving and increasingly complex digital landscape, security can no longer be an afterthought – it must be a foundational part of every organization's core operations," said Mark Hughes, Global Managing Partner of Cybersecurity Services, IBM Consulting. "Our collaboration with Microsoft provides clients with a simplified, efficient, and cost-effective approach to protect cloud workloads, and effectively manage the proliferation of threats organizations confront on a regular basis."

Modernizing security operations

IBM's Threat Detection and Response (TDR) Cloud Native service brings together Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender XDR and Microsoft Defender for Cloud with the AI-powered security technologies that underpin IBM's TDR Cloud Native service to help accelerate threat detection and response for clients.

As part of the service, IBM Consulting's global team of security analysts provide 24/7 monitoring, investigation, and automated remediation of security alerts across clients' hybrid cloud environments. IBM Consulting can also help clients transform their security operations to maximize the value of Microsoft's end-to-end security solutions.

By leveraging the full range of Microsoft's security portfolio, the TDR Cloud Native service effectively protects Microsoft cloud environments for clients. In recognition of its tight integration with the Microsoft Security platform, the service achieved Microsoft MXDR verified solution status.

Managing and securing cloud identities

Cloud identity is becoming an increasingly important cornerstone of any organization's cyber strategy, but it's complicated by the wide range of tools, services, and approaches available. To assist clients in navigating this complex environment, IBM Consulting and Microsoft collaborated on a comprehensive solution based on the foundation provided by the Microsoft Entra suite of tools and enhanced by IBM's range of automation, accelerators and industry domain knowledge. The solution is designed to protect the cloud journey, while also optimizing the identity landscape and costs associated with running multiple identity tools and services, resulting in a more optimized, cost effective, and secured service for clients.

"As digital transformation accelerates across every industry, organizations require a comprehensive, unified approach to cloud security that protects their entire enterprise from the chip to the cloud," said Alym Rayani, VP Security Marketing, at Microsoft. "Our partnership with IBM Consulting makes it easier for clients to securely harness the power of the cloud and AI to drive business innovation."

Co-investing in skilling

The IBM Consulting and Microsoft collaboration builds on the companies' long history of joint development and delivery of enterprise-class cloud and security solutions. IBM Consulting and Microsoft are investing in joint go-to-market initiatives and reskilling programs to support the new offerings and help clients bring security to the forefront of their cloud and AI journeys.  For example, IBM Consulting's 1,300 Microsoft certified security practitioners have been trained on natively embedding Microsoft-based security tools, including the Microsoft Defender suite and services, throughout clients' complex cloud and application landscape.

Demonstrating client success

Vale, mining company: "At Vale, our cyber defense centre team orchestrates protection, detection and response functions with the support of two industry-leading cybersecurity partners, combining the best of Microsoft security technology with the continuous improvement from IBM Consulting's Threat Detection and Response Services," said Dan Harif, Global CISO, Vale.

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