Elite Interactive Solutions vows cybersecurity vigilance

July 8, 2024
The firm reaffirms its commitment to safeguard customer systems amidst cybersecurity challenges.

Elite Interactive Solutions, a remote video guarding company using proprietary intelligence and integration to achieve proven crime prevention, announces its systems and services are deployed and maintained to the highest available level of cybersecurity protections and protocols. As major news stories continue to proliferate about hacks, breaches and vulnerabilities — including the high-profile cyberattacks this past week that crippled CDK Global, which provides management software for thousands of auto dealers — Elite stands apart in its crime prevention solution and network security.

Among the more than a dozen commercial vertical markets served by Elite, auto dealerships are one of the largest. This gave the company a direct window into how the recent cyberattacks profoundly impacted those customers’ operations.

“Whereas the physical security industry has been slow to adopt cybersecurity hardening and best hygiene practices as their devices transitioned to IP connectivity and moved onto networks, Elite has factored it into its solution since the very beginning,” says CTO Jonathan Kozak.

Elite keeps loops closed to would-be hackers by providing end-to-end solutions that include thoroughly analyzing sites, forensically designing video-based detection systems, running them through 30-day calibration periods, implementing the highest standard of cybersecurity, and continuous monitoring of camera and network health. Those elements are foundational to the real-time crime prevention that incorporates other key ingredients like advanced AI-enabled noise reduction to never miss an event, swift response and voice-downs from former military and law enforcement command center agents, and priority police response when necessary.

Elite’s surveillance networks are completely independent and pre-isolated from those of its customers, some of whom have experienced firsthand how their remote guarding service has been uninterrupted during enterprise network outages. In addition to using the utmost cybersecurity industry standards, Elite delivers a highly secure, remote access platform, and follows best practices in all implementations. More specifically, Elite’s Beyond Trust (formerly Bomgar) platform protects identities, fortifies any breach points, and delivers dynamic access to empower and secure a work-from-anywhere world.

“We understand that any device or system riding on or accessible through a network is a potential vulnerability, so we take every possible step to make it as difficult as possible — even against a nation state-sponsored advanced persistent threat,” adds Kozak. “We want our customers to rest easy knowing their Elite solution will never be used as a backdoor to their network or otherwise compromised, so long as they’ve opted for our patent-pending, recommended solution.”