Time-Saving Technologies for Security Practitioners highlighted by Eagle Eye Networks at GSX 2022

Sept. 10, 2022
The new AI-powered Eagle Eye Smart Video Search and Eagle Eye LPR part of the highlights

Eagle Eye Networks is showcasing time-saving technologies for security practitioners, such as its new AI-powered Eagle Eye Smart Video Search and Eagle Eye LPR at GSX 2022.

For demos and discussions, GSX attendees are invited to stop by Eagle Eye Networks Booth 3031. Book a meeting in advance here.

Smart Video Search: Get a demo on how Smart Video Search is transforming the security practitioner’s job. Search video the same way you search the web. Simply type in “person with backpack”, “red Toyota car”, “person with green shirt” and find the exact video across all cameras in all sites. Free; no additional hardware or subscriptions required.

Eagle Eye LPR: See the demo and discuss how security practitioners–in corporate offices, healthcare and education campuses, homeowners associations, critical infrastructure, industrial, restaurants, retail and more–are enhancing their security posture with Eagle Eye LPR  (license plate recognition) Uses AI + Cloud for very high accuracy in challenging conditions; operates on any security camera. Enables seamless monitoring of vehicles across multiple locations. Also, Vehicle Surveillance Package (VSP) works with third-party LPR and Eagle Eye Networks advanced LPR.

Talk Down: Check out this popular feature. Talk Down is a cloud-based one-way audio feature that allows security practitioners to remotely communicate using the Eagle Eye VMS (video management system).