Surfaro on the Scene: Live GSX Booth Videos

Sept. 28, 2022
Expert technologist Steve Surfaro uncovers hot tech at GSX, including stops at Shooter Detection Systems, Camio, Quanergy, Field Forensics Inc., Lantronix, Global Guardian,, Astrophysics, EAGL Technology, Evolon, and Dragonfruit AI

Expert technolgist Steve Surfaro was on the scene for SecurityInfoWatch at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, where he caught up with quite a few emerging technology vendors for live demos from the GSX show floor. 

You can catch all his video interviews right here, or on the SecurityInfoWatch Youtube page!

Shooter Detection Systems

Surfaro catches up with Joe Byron of Shooter Detection Systems to take a closer look at their indoor (and soon outdoor) gunshot detection PoE-based sensors with two factor authentication.


Carter Maslan, CEO of Camio, former Director of Product Management at Google, demonstrates Camio Flex, the first VMS alternative to put industry-standard cameras to work anywhere using the Kubernetes ecosystem.


Gerald Becker, Quanergy's VP Market Dev & Global Alliances on perimeter, speed, safety monitoring with their latest 3D LiDAR sensor, integrations with solution providers and privacy protection. 

Field Forensics Inc.

FFI's Craig Johnson demos test kits & handheld instruments for explosives, narcotics, and threat-chemical detection & identification, including the much sought-after Teledyne ICM standalone real-time digital radiography system for security applications.


Wes Gosnell of Lantronix is an encyclopedia of infrastructure and shows us the LS series.

Global Guardian

Dale Buckner, CEO Global Guardian, who was able to deploy recently in Ukraine, when others stepped away. From Global Emergency Planning, Active Shooter Plans, Guard automation through IP Video, Mobile Apps, Dale's perspective of balancing expectations, technologies and BEING PREPARED by relying on just a few leaders gives us a preview of his "BUILDING AN EFFECTIVE EMERGENCY PLAN: It's More Than Just a Piece of Paper" session, and ultimately, how you can survive an Active Shooter scenario. CEO and Co-Founder, Sam Joseph and Head of Marketing Sarah Semerjian about their suite of false alarm reduction, anti-tailgating detection, data-driven intelligence, sensor fault detection, Anomalous Cardholder Behavior Detection, GSOC AI assistant and recent deployment at Punta Gorda airport.


Don Pyne, Astrophysics Sr Product Manager on 3D CT Scan entry screening and the world's first 3D Cargo/whole vehicle scanning.

EAGL Technology & A.S.R.S.

EAGL is a solution provider for a wide range of public safety solutions like wearable & mobile energy waveform-based ballistic detection and their integrations with Video, Access Control, Mass Notification, PSIM, Public Address, Lockdown and partner ASRS for Biometric-based firearm emergency access.


Evolon's Kevin Sadler discusses their array of highly advanced false alarm reduction, camera control, safety AI algorithms.

Maureen French, Head of Enterprise Sales of Washington DC-based, the first expertise, knowledge and research partner company leveraging AI.

Dragonfruit AI

CEO Amit Kumar on their groundbreaking Split-AI on-premise and cloud AI-based analysis, bandwidth control and video stream monitoring.