LifeSafety Power at GSX 2023

Aug. 9, 2023
For end users, the product category delivers solutions that keep systems connected and provide remote management and real-time notifications.

Phoenix, AZ, August 9, 2023—LifeSafety Power, a leading provider of innovative power management and connectivity solutions, will bring its intelligent power products to booth 2933 during GSX 2023, September 11-13, Dallas. For end users, the product category delivers solutions that keep systems connected and provide remote management and real-time notifications. Featured solutions at LifeSafety Power’s Booth 2933 during GSX include:

Helix ATS PDU – Critical Infrastructure Protection

The new Helix ATS, part of the Helix line of redundant power systems and components, is a rackmount Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) with dual inputs for AC redundancy.

Configured in a 1U rack height with rear AC connections, if one AC source is compromised, the ATS switches to backup AC so connections continue unhampered.

The PDU serves as a rack power distribution center with added network management for monitoring and control of each power output. Helix ATS meets data center applications for access control and IT equipment such as servers, switches and firewalls – fortifying power for the critical infrastructure.

The Helix ATS front panel LED interactive display indicates total AC current draw and is fully network managed for instant trouble notification via email/SNMP or through LifeSafety Power’s Multi-Site Manager (MSM) Enterprise. Using an embedded browser interface, Helix ATS monitors AC input voltages as well as voltage and current of each output. Upper and lower thresholds can be set for each output, alerting users to potential problems before a device failure. Each output can also be remotely reset through the browser interface, allowing the user to power cycle a connected device without a site visit.

BiTSTREAM PoE Extends Power to More Places and Devices

UL 294-listed BiTSTREAM, LifeSafety Power’s IEEE 802.3bt-compliant midspan injectors and Power over Ethernet (PoE) DC power supply/chargers, expands with the BTS500 network switch. BiTSTREAM meets the high-power PoE++ standard, with the ability to power an access control system exclusively through PoE.

The BTS500 powers PoE compliant cameras, locks and access control edge devices. A Single-Point Fire Interface (SFI) feature available only from LifeSafety Power allows egress on fire alarms through a single centralized connection. Also in the product line, the BT500 midspan injector provides power and passes data to 8 or 16 PoE-compliant devices. BT and BTS models yield 500 watts total power with up to 90 watts per port and feature a universal AC input for global deployment.

Gemini RGX Designed for Small Spaces

Gemini RGX are the deepest, rack-mount drawers and the industry’s first integrated power and access control enclosure that houses eight doors in a 2U enclosure. RGXM provides mounting for four Mercury Security controllers and multiple LifeSafety Power FlexPower devices to control eight doors as a standalone solution, or more when interconnected. Additional backplates for Honeywell, Software House and others available this fall. RGX is engineered in Unified or ProWire configurations with pre-wired power and distribution modules.

Users Get Total System Visibility with Multi-Site Manager-Enterprise (MSM Enterprise)

MSM Enterprise helps users manage and control enterprise power solutions through one single interface/GUI and a PC-driven, web-accessible platform. The award-winning solution yields in-depth analytics and continually assesses system power status for optimum operation and guaranteed reliability—with charts, graphs and other analytics. MSM Enterprise allows single point monitoring of multiple sites, extracting information on operability and viability by identifying power variances or voltage events. Users can monitor, assess, maintain and troubleshoot remotely.

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