Snap One to demonstrate networking, power and remote management solutions at GSX 2023

Sept. 5, 2023
Running from September 11-13, Snap One will feature innovative solutions from Araknis, WattBox and OvrC.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, August 31, 2023 – Snap One is bringing its latest networking, power and remote system management solutions to the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2023 show in Dallas, Texas to show attendees how their security customers can benefit from faster communication speeds, the latest wireless protocols, modern power management and advanced tools that enable remote response to end user needs without requiring on-site technicians. Running from September 11-13, Snap One will feature innovative solutions from Araknis, WattBox and OvrC.

“As security needs have become increasingly sophisticated, so too has the need to ensure consistent and reliable operations of all related systems, along with integrators’ ability to provide quick resolution of any troubleshooting issues,” said Clint Choate, Security Market Director at Snap One. “Using Snap One’s newest networking, power control and remote system management solutions, security firms can provide assurance to every end user that their security systems are optimized for the fastest communications currently available, are protected from power fluctuations and can be easily updated or configured remotely.”

Snap One will offer a hands-on look at its brand new Araknis routers and switches, which offer the latest wired and wireless communication protocols to support high-bandwidth needs for even the most demanding security systems. Attendees can learn how the Araknis 920 and 620 switches provide up to 10Gbps intersystem communications, and the Araknis 520 and 220 routers provide up to 2.5Gbps internet connectivity. 

Offering valuable features such as PoE++ and Layer 3 functionality including interVLAN routing, static routing and multicast routing, the new Araknis series switches are leading the industry in installation flexibility and reliability. They also offer typical layer 2 features such as MoIPv3 required ACL’s, IGMP snooping & querier, MAC based VLANs, link aggregation, QoS, STP and LLDP.

Snap One will also highlight the peace of mind offered by integrating WattBox power control solutions that maintain consistently clean power delivery for rack and non-rack equipment, with the added protection and convenience of OvrC remote access that enables rapid response when changes or troubleshooting are required. Snap One experts will be available to discuss how its OvrC remote management system, a familiar feature of many WattBox products, can provide competitive and operational advantages for customer service speed and overall reliability through advanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

“Every security system needs to provide ultimate confidence that it can perform flawlessly 24 hours a day, and these networking, power and control solutions empower security integrators to deliver the highest level of service currently available,” Choate concluded.