Crisis24 unveils Crisis24 Horizon risk management platform

Sept. 11, 2023
Crisis24 Horizon integrates intelligence from AI and expert analyst team to go beyond traditional security management.

MONTREAL (QC) and DALLAS (TX), September 11, 2023 – Crisis24, a GardaWorld company, today unveiled its new risk management platform, Crisis24 Horizon, at Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2023 in Dallas.

Crisis24 Horizon provides organizations with a global picture of their risk exposure and delivers new levels of autonomy and self-sufficiency in managing those risks, the company says.

As organizations navigate the shifting risk dynamics of the modern world, Crisis24 Horizon stands out as a powerful tool for providing swift and precise intelligence. With the ability to seamlessly process a diverse range of intelligence feeds, complemented by a robust team of human analysts, the platform empowers users to view events or risks at a global level, or to focus on specific local alerts, as precise as street corners or specific addresses.

"At Crisis24, we have decades of deep experience in utilizing global intelligence to manage and anticipate security risks. We understand the significance of reliable information in making critical decisions. Crisis24 Horizon not only meets this universal need but elevates it by delivering actionable insights that matter to any team responsible for people or assets,” said Gregoire Pinton, Managing Director and Head of Integrated Risk Management at Crisis24.

With Crisis24 Horizon, organizations get a unified view of their risk exposure along with the expertise, intelligence and support to stay ahead of emerging risks, keep their people safe and operate globally with confidence. The platform's capacity to offer a comprehensive, global view of a variety of risks, including geopolitical, environmental, and health, sets it apart.

The system is supported by Crisis24’s 24/7 Global Operations Centers which offer uninterrupted technology-enhanced intelligence from over 180 expert analysts around the world. The integrated AI technology powering the Crisis24 Horizon platform accesses over 200,000 curated sources across more than 40 languages. This supports analysts in providing detailed risk ratings across over 25 categories for all countries worldwide.

Crisis24 Horizon brings unique and integrated risk management capabilities to organizations of all sizes:

  • Monitor all people and sites via a single interface across continents.
  • Alert people anywhere in the world to an event, or deliver instructions, with improved two-way communications and mass notifications.
  • Connect with the world’s largest analyst team, accessing location reports, risk ratings, real-time alerts and custom advice for individual operations.
  • 360-degree protection globally, monitor emerging threats, stay abreast of local risks, request medical assistance, all from any mobile device using a multilingual interface.
  • Compliant with accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines.

"Crisis24 Horizon redefines the landscape of intelligence dissemination, ensuring that decision-makers can access and easily absorb information they can depend on to protect their assets across the globe. Our intelligence teams generate hundreds of daily verified and curated alerts across the globe, and we know these can make a real difference, saving lives and protecting businesses," Pinton added.