Boon Edam features product advancements, announces company initiatives at GSX 2023

Sept. 11, 2023
Their extensive range of new solutions, products, and programs, which deliver value both for physical entrances and customers, are showcased alongside Boon Edam’s existing array of security entrance solutions at booth #3533.

DALLAS, TX – September 11, 2023 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, continues to demonstrate their industry expertise at GSX 2023. Their extensive range of new solutions, products, and programs, which deliver value both for physical entrances and customers, are showcased alongside Boon Edam’s existing array of security entrance solutions at booth #3533.

“GSX presents the perfect platform for Boon Edam to demonstrate several new product enhancements, launch our new Integrator Certification Program, and celebrate major milestones in our company’s history,” said Patrick Nora, President and Managing Director, Boon Edam. “We are excited to welcome all GSX attendees to our booth to discover how security entrances continue to evolve for mainstream physical security applications.”

New product developments at the Boon Edam booth #3533 include a new vandal resistant laminate film designed to prevent vandalism among a range of Boon Edam’s glass-equipped security entrances. This film works to keep glass intact upon impact after an attempt(s) to break the glass is made. The result is a strong barrier of glass that protects against unauthorized entry and smash and grab burglaries while deterring further criminal behavior. The vandal-resistant laminate film can be applied to Boon Edam’s Tourlock, Circlelock and Lifeline Swing series of products.

Visitors can also learn about the Boon Edam Security Integrator Certification Program. This initiative provides video tutorials and other learning materials necessary for security integrator technicians to understand the working principles, safe operation, access control and fire systems integrations, configuration, and troubleshooting procedures related to Boon Edam’s Lifeline Swing Optical Turnstiles.

The instruction is accompanied by short evaluations that allow technicians to move further through the program. Once competence is shown, technicians will obtain a digital certification that will follow the technician. The Security Integrator Certification Program currently provides three program concentrations to best accommodate systems integrators’ specific needs and budgets.

Additionally, Boon Edam is celebrating two significant milestones, Boon Edam’s 150th anniversary and the company’s 50,000th US product installation, at GSX 2023, taking this time to reflect on the past while showcasing its plans for the future. Over the past 150 years, Boon Edam has been dedicated to delivering superior entrance solutions while positively impacting the communities it serves.

As it’s 50,000th installation in the US approaches, Boon Edam highlights many of the core values driving its success since the company’s humble beginnings in 1873. GSX attendees are invited to join in the celebration by visiting booth #3533 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM on September 11th and 12th for beer, wine and mixed drinks. 

Beyond these exciting new initiatives, Boon Edam is showcasing its enhanced portfolio of security entrances at GSX 2023. Highlights include:

The Tourlock 180 is a four-winged revolving security door that provides high security in areas with heavy foot traffic. The Tourlock will feature the StereoVision overhead sensor system, which uses smart, near-infrared technology to generate accurate 3D images of the doorway to ensure only one person is present in the doorway.

The Circlelock Solo offers the highest security possible for an unattended entrance. Using a space-efficient cylinder compartment with an interlocking door system, the Circlelock guarantees that only one person at a time can enter. The Circlelock Solo uses StereoVision technology and can also integrate with biometric devices for multi-factor authentication.

The Turnlock 150 is a full height turnstile constructed with heavy-duty aluminum that operates in a similar fashion as a revolving door. At GSX, the Turnlock 150 will be equipped with the BE Secure Overhead Detection System. This anti-piggyback overhead detection system utilizes Time-of-Flight measurement principles (TOF) combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect when two people try to enter the same compartment on the turnstile using one credential.

The slimmest optical turnstile available, the Lifeline Speedlane Swing Optical Turnstile features a sleek glass casing and colorful LEDs to guide users. The Lifeline Speedlane Swing uses intuitive sensors and a swing gate to prevent unauthorized entry and tailgating. In addition, the turnstile coordinates beautifully with existing building decor.

Offering simplicity and sophistication, the Speedlane Compact offers a small footprint and ease of efficiency that provides security and safety when real estate is at a premium.

For more information about Boon Edam’s product offerings, visit or visit us at GSX 2023 booth #3533.