Ontic announces expansion of Connected Ecosystem Program

Sept. 12, 2023
With this milestone, the Ontic Platform is one of the industry’s most robust and comprehensive single solutions centralizing security intelligence and operations.

AUSTIN, September 11, 2023 – Ontic, a software provider delivering Connected Intelligence to unify how security professionals manage physical threats, mitigate risks, and strengthen businesses, announced today it has surpassed 60 different data, technology, and systems integrations in its Connected Ecosystem program. With this milestone, the Ontic Platform is one of the industry’s most robust and comprehensive single solutions centralizing security intelligence and operations.

“Since our founding, we have recognized the need for security teams to move beyond their decades-old challenge of logging into various systems to locate pertinent information about a potential threat,” said Manish Mehta, chief product officer, Ontic. “With our Connected Ecosystem program, we are on a mission to provide a unified view of the diverse information security teams need to better manage the entire threat lifecycle.”

Ontic Platform clients can connect to existing business software and security devices or integrate with a homegrown, internal system to create a unified ecosystem. This allows security teams to take informed action when risks arise. 

“UniCourt provides the most complete dataset of state and federal court records available,” said Josh Blandi, chief executive officer, UniCourt. “It’s been great partnering with Ontic. They expedite the seamless delivery of our data through the Ontic Platform, aiding clients in proactively navigating today’s evolving threat landscape.”

The Ontic Connected Ecosystem program focuses on continuously expanding intelligence and business data from trusted sources, including:

  • Public Data – Best-in-class data from leading providers gives corporate security teams the ability to unlock critical information and access a robust, complete portfolio of integrated research tools and data sources for added situational awareness. Data sources include social media, the dark web, severe weather, public events, identity, adverse media, public records (criminal and civil), and more. Notable providers include but are not limited to AccuWeather, Flashpoint, Giant Oak, UniCourt, and DarkOwl.
  • Security Systems – Data from devices and technologies, such as workplace platforms, license plate reader cameras, camera systems, access control systems, identity security, and more, for proactive anomaly detection, pattern spotting, and alerting. Notable providers include but are not limited to Envoy, HID, Avigilon, Genetec, and Rekor.
  • Business Systems – Data at the center of security operations that help create a single source of truth for organizations by integrating with systems like visitor, travel, and event management, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain logistics, financial systems, and cybersecurity tools. Integrations include but are not limited to Workday, Slack, Jira, Greenhouse, and RainFocus. 

Ontic will continue to evolve the Connected Ecosystem program in the coming months, adding new integrations to the Ontic Platform to support additional security needs such as cybersecurity, supply chain, loss prevention, ethics, traveler/travel security, and mass communication.

To learn more about our other data and systems integrations or to join the Connected Ecosystem program, please contact us. Ontic will also be attending the 69th Annual Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference, taking place September 11-13 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, where you can stop by booth #4155.

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