Medigate and CrowdStrike to provide unified endpoint security for medical IoT devices

Sept. 13, 2021
The integration enables comprehensive visibility, enhanced risk management and security enforcement for healthcare organizations

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Medigate, healthcare's Best in KLAS IoT Security Provider, has announced it has partnered with CrowdStrike, a leading provider of cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection, to provide healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) with the industry's first consolidated view of threat activity and incident response capability spanning all connected assets.

With the number of medical devices connecting to a hospital's network increasing on a daily basis, HDOs struggle to maintain visibility of the location and activity of each endpoint that a device may connect to, as well as protect and manage them. Medigate and CrowdStrike solve this challenge by streamlining security responses and improving overall network efficiency.

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform integrates with the Medigate platform allowing HDOs to perform comprehensive risk management, anomaly detection and enhanced response. The integration provides hospitals with comprehensive visibility into all managed and unmanaged devices along with enhanced threat detection capabilities that power accurate responses.

"We've seen a significant number of cyber and ransomware attacks against hospitals in the past year and it will only continue to rise in the future. A hospital's focus needs to be on patient care, rather than responding to outside threats," said Matthew Polly, vice president of Worldwide Alliances, Channels and Business Development at CrowdStrike. "Medigate's unique focus on the healthcare IoT industry is highly effective in helping to reduce attack surfaces. With CrowdStrike and Medigate, HDOs can accurately see, detect, respond and prevent attacks across the IT and clinical landscape to keep their operations and their data – including the patient information – safe."

"Today's HDOs face specific challenges that need specialized solutions, not only in securing their vital personnel and devices, but in creating processes that ensure the benefits of connected health. By partnering with CrowdStrike, we are delivering on this vision by empowering HDOs to detect and shut-down attacks," said Jonathan Langer, chief executive officer of Medigate. "The endpoint protections our joint solution enables positions HDOs for the safe adoption of telehealth, remote patient monitoring and other networked care initiatives."

Todd Felker, former Director of Information Security at Torrance Memorial Medical Center: "As care delivery continues to fragment, the need for a centrally managed, integrated approach to securing both clinical and non-clinical endpoints is obvious. That's why the Medigate/CrowdStrike partnership makes so much sense. I'm sure my enthusiasm for the benefits of this partnership are shared across the industry."

For more details on the Medigate and CrowdStrike partnership, check out the "Endpoint Security for Clinical Networks" solution brief.

About MedigateConnected devices bring complicated risks, so Medigate created a simple platform to orchestrate and augment HDO security. Medigate gives the confidence to see, secure, and manage all the devices connected to the enterprise network and turn the associated data into a powerful resource for asset management and operational efficiency. It means the end of any compromise between security and usability – put simply, it allows HDOs to connect with confidence.