SD&I's Fast50

Dec. 2, 2011
Help us laud your success
It’s interesting to me that even in the grips of this multi-year recession that every systems integrator I talk to, yes, every company, tells me how busy they are and how they have so much work. And I wonder why that is—and I have some answers that probably will explain this phenomenon.

Security is a given, everyone wants it. But the popularizing of security has come with the penetration of broadband and the fact that smartphone proliferation and use continues to grow and expand. According to Parks Associates in Dallas, nearly 70 percent of consumers have a smartphone. In addition, the international research firm reports almost 50 percent of U.S. smartphone owners find an NFC-enabled mobile wallet application appealing. The reason I’m dragging you down this path is because security is actually becoming a household and business name—through consumers who love their smartphones and remote connectivity. So I guess it’s not the security that’s bringing them in; it’s the lifestyle-convenience functions they want. Case in point is a conversation I had with a shuttle driver as I was leaving a conference recently. He asked about what conference I had attended and then asked if he could control security systems, lights, cameras, from his smartphone like he sees on television—and of course I replied with a hardy ‘yes.’

And that may be one of the reasons integrators are successful today—there’s a newfound awareness for what smarthphones can do, and it’s your opportunity to jump on and ride out this awareness. Consumers and end users know more than ever what they can do, but you have to go and reach out and touch them, go back to the customers and don’t be afraid to do so. And, don’t be afraid of a little publicity—I have to say the companies that I feel won’t rise above or will eventually tame their successes are the ones who tell me that they ‘keep a low profile; don’t like publicity,’ and on. Why for gosh sakes? You can’t give away trade secrets in any way, and now, Twitter may be evolving to a kind of ‘Angie’s list’ of good and bad companies—so why not get your story told now and the way you want it told?

It also makes sense for you to sign up for our new program, called SD&I’s Fast50. The program is different than anything else out there. We ask you to provide annual gross revenues for three years, but we don’t publish those numbers. The overall ranking we publish equally balances revenue percentage growth and overall ($) revenue growth so it fits both large and small companies. We will publish a ranking of top systems integrators, leading with those who have the highest percentage of growth. It’s that simple. Fill out the form at and get noticed like you should be.

But this is more than an innovative ranking program. It’s a best practices educational session that we will present at ISC West in Las Vegas March 27 through 30, 2012. We will highlight the best practices of several of the top companies in an educational awards session. Our Fast50 will be jointly presented by ISC West and the Security Industry Association, so we have the backing of the leading organizations in the industry.

SD&I’s Fast50 advisory board members include: Anthony Ball, senior vice president, HID Global; Michael Barnes, founding partner, Barnes Associates; Ray Coulombe, managing director, SecuritySpecifiers,com; Frank DeFina, senior vice president of sales & marketing, Samsung Techwin; Albert Janjigian, principle, Expedeum Inc.; Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications; Eric Pritchard, partner, Kleinbard Bell & Brecker LLP; and Ron Worman, founder and managing director, The Sage Group.

Entering the Fast50 is simple and easy. The deadline for entries is January 23, 2012, but don’t wait! I will look forward to honoring you at our program in Las Vegas. For more information, please contact me at [email protected].