Going Wireless in Las Vegas

Oct. 27, 2008

While attending ISC West I had the great opportunity to sit down with John Perdichizzi, owner of ASAP Security, an ADT Authorized dealer. For the last three years John Perdichizzi along with his wife and partner Jessica have been operating a security company in Las Vegas, NV. Don’t let that number fool you. He’s been in the security business since 1982, when he started working and learning the alarm business from his in-laws. He is a New York transplant drawn to Las Vegas by the weather.

Growing his business through sales and marketing is a top priority for Perdichizzi.

His sales and marketing mix includes deploying “canvas crews” which are essentially sales teams consisting of four to six salespeople and a manager. These crews travel to new and established developments to knock on doors to sell systems. Perdichizzi also exhibits at the Galleria Mall and Las Vegas Home and Garden Shows; and he has found that partnering with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and participating in its business expo is proving to be a successful outlet for added sales.

Another interesting opportunity came when this quick thinking dealer partnered with a land developer who was in need of security. Perdichizzi jumped at the chance to create a working/live Security Showroom at the land developer’s facility.
Perdichizzi currently has three vans and five installers. His mix of business is 80% residential and 20% commercial. On the commercial side, he points out an install at the local car dealership in which he installed 76 cameras and five-16 channel DVRs. He also recently worked with a nursing home that was experiencing some theft, where he installed portable wireless covert cameras manufactured by Speco Technologies. On the residential side, a very popular ADT package is most often requested.The major differences in installing security systems in Las Vegas when compared to what he did back east are that most new developments are pre-wired. He has very few sales that are driven by a home extension or remodel. “When people run out of space or get bored with what they have, they just go buy new and bigger,” says Perdichizzi.

Also, since homes in Las Vegas have no basements and very little attic space, he needs to be well versed in wireless applications. Additionally, licensing is very involved and requires extensive documentation from previous years.
Why did he choose to work with ADT? “Las Vegas is a very transient place, people are moving in and out all the time,” he explains. “Residents and businesses may not recognize the ASAP Security logo, however the ADT logo is very well known and recognizable.”

Perdichizzi plans to be in Las Vegas for the long term. He would like to buy a building, expand his business through acquisitions and continue to hire and train good people.

Peter Harlick