The Electric Bullet

Oct. 27, 2008
Topping the Tech Update Chart

A REAL CROWD PLEASER...iOmniscient offers its IQ Series, intelligent surveillance software that can operate in crowded areas and provide pinpoint monitoring of a variety of events and suspicious people and packages. More than a recording device, the software aids in the monitoring of busy scenes, unaffected by the constant motion in the camera’s field of vision. It allows security officers to react to events in real time, which can avert disaster, according to a company spokesperson.

The IQ Series software adds Artificial Intelligence to video surveillance systems using next generation heuristic algorithms, which replicates the human ability to reason. The system makes inductive and deductive conclusions from the information available to it.

These heuristic algorithms have enabled the creation of a new Non Motion Detection (NMD) Technology, which is what powers iOmniscient’s Genius range of IQ products. While other intelligent video systems are based on motion, NMD focuses on static or stationary objects, continually learning the background of a scene while ignoring motion. Any object that is placed in or removed from a crowded area can activate an alarm in real-time.

The system can differentiate between people, animals and vehicles, and can categorize types of objects as well as differentiate between loaded and unloaded pushcarts. It can find an object that is visible for 50 percent of the time, even when people are walking in front of it.

All IQ products are equipped with Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to cope with complex environmental changes such as moving light, shadows, swaying trees and moving water. The system also gives a warning if it cannot operate properly due to overcrowding, inclement weather or tampering.

IQ products also incorporate the Jump to Event feature, which enables the user to jump back to a pre-defined time before an event or alarm occurred. The user can then view video of both the event and the preceding period. The event can also be archived for later review.

In addition to the features mentioned, the Genius IQ-180 can detect tiny objects at 4x4 pixels, as well as provide detection of objects in low contrast scenarios, such as a black bag on a black floor. The Genius IQ-140 can detect very small objects at 8x8 pixels. Both versions feature NMD, Jump to Event and NAMS.

The Smart IQ-120 offers Counting in a Crowd and Behavior Analysis and Tracking. Counting in a Crowd provides the user with an accurate account of the people and/or vehicles in any crowded area, alerting when a user-defined threshold is reached. Behavior Analysis and Tracking can detect and track suspicious or abnormal behavior—such as theft, loitering and running—to aid with crowd management. It also includes all of the features of the IQ-115 and IQ-110.

The Smart IQ-115 provides Slip & Fall technology, which instantly detects if a person slips or falls and raises an alarm to alert personnel for public liability management, or can detect when a security guard has collapsed due to attack by intruders or other circumstances.

The Smart IQ-110 can record information of how many persons, vehicles or objects have passed through multiple areas of interest at any given time. It can permit persons, vehicles or objects to travel in one direction while movement in the other direction can raise an alarm.

All iOmniscient applications can be viewed and managed using a wireless PDA to allow for security staff mobility. The system is totally distributed, scalable and can be used as an add-on to video surveillance systems, as it interfaces with existing cameras, DVRs and other surveillance equipment. Visit for more information.

ADDING INTELLIGENT PROTECTION TO MASS TRANSIT SYSTEMS…Carrollton, TX-based GVI Security Solutions, Inc. introduces the Mass Transit Intelligent Video System (MTIVS). The system, which was developed from the GVI TRAK platform, can also be deployed at airports, buildings, stadiums, nuclear and chemical plants, ports and any other critical infrastructure facilities, the company reports.

“Our Intelligent Video Threat Detection System uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically detect, identify and signal an alarm when the system detects unauthorized activities occurring within or approaching the perimeter of a transit facility,” Howard Safir, GVI chairman and former NYPD Commissioner, explains. The algorithms continuously monitor, scan, evaluate, record and display video inputs from multiple cameras with fully automatic pan/tilt/zoom operation in a single command and control center to instantly alert an active security response.

THAT’S CLASSIFIED INFORMATION…Protection of data is a top priority today. For that reason, Fiber SenSys offers SecurLAN, an intrusion detection system designed to detect physical tampering of data cables carrying sensitive and vital information. With its unique fiber optic sensor cable deployed at vulnerable points in the network, SecurLAN detects vibrations from anyone attempting to access the data cables. It instantly alerts a remote operator of the intrusion. It also has the ability to take pre-programmed protective action, shutting down the compromised data stream or re-routing it entirely.

SecurLAN is a layer one security solution. The physical intrusion detection sensors are designed for classified networks, protected distribution systems, and IT LAN, MAN and WAN networks. A standalone, low voltage system, SecurLAN’s components consist of the alarm processor unit, fiber optic cable and connectors and an optional PC-based headend (alarm panel).

The 508/502 Base Unit Controller is the “Heart and Brains” of the SecurLAN hardware. All system functions are controlled and recorded by this unit. The Base Unit Controller provides a scalable design that allows for easy expansion. Multiple panels (up to 255) may be linked together to create a custom system as large or as small as needed. Base Unit Controllers provide a 10,000 event buffer, multiple input/output controls, multiple alarm/relay controls, and integrated alarm monitoring and reporting. The SL-200R/L is the rack mounted, eight port version of the Base Unit Controller. Communications are provided via ethernet connection.

The SL-265 Dual Port Interface is used to activate two ports on the 502 or 508 Base Unit Controller. The SL-265 is hot-swappable and provides surge protection to absorb electrical spikes to prevent damage to the CPU. The SL-790 Lantronix device is used to convert Ethernet format data to RS-232 format data. This allows the SecurLAN Base Unit Controllers to be connected to their supporting computer via an Ethernet connection, or to connect to each other over a network bridge created by two Lantronix devices.

The SL-470 Network Server Software is the server component of SecurLAN’s enterprise class security management system. SMS 2000 is network (LAN/WAN) capable. SMS 2000 can control and monitor multiple sites under a centralized database using existing network infrastructure. The Network Server Software allows an operator to interface and program the SecurLAN hardware and provides full monitoring and reporting of intrusion detection alarms, event logs, systems component status, and component control. For more information,