Mr. A.H. Farouki Attends Algerian Energy Infrastructure Conference

Jan. 17, 2008

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates , Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- ANHAM, LLC announced today that C.E.O., Mr. A.H. Farouki hosted and attended an Energy Infrastructure Security Seminar and Conference in Algiers , Algeria this week.

"The Conference was successful in enabling ANHAM and its' participants to share knowledge, so that we may create and offer comprehensive Infrastructure security and protection for the people of Algeria . This is a golden opportunity that will benefit all involved, and will prove vital for Algeria's continued growth and success," said Mr. A.H. Farouki .

ANHAM currently holds several affiliate companies, including WatanServe and MSI, located in Algeria and has determined a market need for expansion and further development. As an established, active member of the Algerian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, ANHAM executives consulted with the executives and Director General of Sonatrach, as well as other energy sector organizations, with the goal of establishing relationships with Algerian affiliates. The initial collaboration resulted in the January Conference, hosted by ANHAM, specifically a seminar designed to address security strategy, policy and solutions, focusing primarily on infrastructure development and maintenance.

In addition to the leaders of ANHAM's ICT solutions business, the speakers included top energy security officials and executives from the United States and the United Kingdom . Leaders from Algeria's defense, security and energy agencies and companies attended the seminar and participated in the panel discussions that followed the presentations. Participants included Sonatrach, Sonelgaz, as well as Algerian Government officials.

Participants and attendees included:

A. Huda Farouki

President and CEO of Nour USA and ANHAM LLC. He is also Chairman of F.I.I.C., and Principal of Hii-Finance Corporation. He is currently on or has served on the Board of several educational, cultural, and international institutions.

Daniel McWhorter

Vice President of Telecommunication Business Development for ANHAM LLC and Nour USA.

Ghiath Sukhtian

Chairman of Nour USA, Chairman and C.E.O. of Munir Sukhtian International, and Vice-Chairman of Munir Sukhtian Group. Founded the Palestine Telecommunications Company (PALTEL) as well as serves on several educational Boards.

Admiral James Loy

Senior Counselor at the Cohen Group, a Washington DC consultancy headed by former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen. After 45 years of service, Adm. Loy retired as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.

Len Ogier , MD

President of Ogier Electronics, Ltd, a British technology firm specializing in designing and installing CCTV, microwave surveillance, wireless telecommunications and broadband internet equipment internationally.

Logan Sloane

Associate at the Cohen Group, prior work included contractor support to the Department of Homeland Security's Bomb Prevention Unit and Office of Grants and Training.

Michelle Foss

Chief Energy Economist and Head of the Center for Energy Economics (CEE), University of Texas, Austin Bureau of Economic Geology.

Mughith Sukhtian

Director of Nour USA, an ANHAM LLC affiliate, and works closely with Expert Petroleum Amman . Prior to his work with ANHAM, Mr. Sukhtian was a Principal with the Munir Sukhtian Group.

About Mr. A. Huda Farouki

Mr. A. Huda Farouki is a prominent international business leader with a long standing history of philanthropic interests. He is the CEO of ANHAM, LLC (, and CEO of Nour USA, Limited ( In addition, through ANHAM LLC and Knowlogy International, two companies Mr. Farouki directs, he spearheaded the effort to gather the financial support required for the construction, maintenance, and operation of the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) (, Afghanistan's largest and first post-war, co-educational vocational school.


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