Digital Ally Receives CE Mark Certification for Advanced Digital Surveillance Products

Nov. 12, 2008

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas , Nov. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Digital Ally, Inc. (Nasdaq: DGLY), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial security applications, today announced that it has obtained regulatory certifications for its products that should facilitate sales in overseas markets. Of particular note are the CE certifications necessary to market the Company's products throughout most of Europe .

"We believe that the receipt of the CE Mark, when coupled with the tremendous reception given to our new products at this week's 115th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police ("IACP") Conference and Exposition in San Diego , will set the stage for an exciting year in 2009," commented Stanton E. Ross , Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally, Inc. "We expect the CE Marking of our products to open the door to significant market opportunities within the European Union."

"We were very excited by the response generated by our new products from police chiefs, sheriffs and other law enforcement officials at the IACP Conference," continued Ross. "In particular, the FirstVu(TM) Professional Wearable Digital Video/Audio Recording System was received enthusiastically, with a number of distributors requesting pricing on up to 1,000 units each during the conference. The DVM-750 Digital Video Mirror was also very popular with IACP attendees, and we have already received initial orders valued at over $500,000 for this new product that we expect to ship to domestic customers in the current quarter."

The Company's newly announced DVM-500 Plus Digital Video Mirror has full CE, IC (Industry Canada) and FCC certifications. The new VoiceVault(TM) Advanced Wireless Microphone system will be produced in several different configurations in order to meet the specific regulatory requirements of the U.S., Canada and the European Union. Each configuration has received FCC, IC, or CE certifications appropriate for each jurisdiction. Because the VoiceVault(TM) Wireless Microphone also has significantly greater performance characteristics, partly due to its ability to transmit at much higher power than competitive products, it has been fully tested and certified for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) safety compliance. In addition to the certifications already in place, the DVF-500 Digital Video Flashlight has received CE certification that will allow its sale in European Union member countries. The Company plans to submit its new DVM-750 Digital Video Mirror for CE Mark certification as soon as practical. Digital Ally's engineering lab is fully equipped to conduct full RF (radio frequency) testing in-house, thereby reducing the time required for such testing to days, instead of weeks or months.

About the CE Mark

The CE Mark is a European marking of conformity indicating that a product complies with the essential requirements of the applicable European laws or Directives with respect to safety, health, environment and consumer protection. The CE Marking is required on products in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) to facilitate trade between the member countries.

The CE Marking provides a means for a manufacturer to demonstrate that its products comply with a common set of laws required by all of the countries in the EEA to allow free movement of trade within the EEA countries.

About Digital Ally, Inc.

Digital Ally, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets advanced technology products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial security applications. The Company's primary focus is Digital Video Imaging and Storage. For additional information, visit

The Company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas , and its shares are traded on The Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol "DGLY".

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