LMI Acquires Jasmah Consulting

July 31, 2008

MCLEAN, Va. , July 31 , /PRNewswire/ -- LMI has acquired Jasmah Consulting, a small, privately held company well established on the mission side of the Intelligence Community (IC). This acquisition, LMI's first, enables LMI to move into a new segment of the growing IC market. Jasmah Consulting specializes in advanced analytical techniques and strategic consulting services for the IC. It is staffed by intelligence professionals who have diverse backgrounds and in-depth understanding of the national security sector. LMI has an established presence in the IC in areas such as facilities, logistics, and human capital management. With this acquisition, LMI is able to offer IC clients an enhanced level of comprehensive solutions tailored to the IC's needs. Jasmah Consulting will become the Intelligence Programs (IP) group within the Infrastructure Management Operating Unit at LMI.

"LMI and Jasmah Consulting share a dedication to offering government customers quality work and superior services," said LMI Vice President William B. Moore . "LMI is excited about the opportunity to offer a broader range of capabilities to the IC, and wants to make it as easy as possible for IC customers to access our services. LMI currently provides service through a variety of contractual vehicles, which will be available to Jasmah customers as well. Combining the two companies also will give LMI the opportunity and means for more creative teaming with our valued corporate partners."

"The unique challenges and demands on the IC require comprehensive, customized services appropriate to IC needs," said Jasmah Consulting CEO Teresa L. Smetzer . "This acquisition enables Jasmah Consulting to enhance its ability to provide thought leadership and support to the transformation of the IC's analytic process in order to continue to improve the business of intelligence. Jasmah Consulting and LMI share a single vision: to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time."

For more information, please contact Anne Johnson , LMI Director of Communications, at (571)633-7879.

LMI is a government consulting firm committed to helping government leaders and managers reach decisions that make a difference. As a not-for-profit organization, LMI is a trusted advisor to the government--free of commercial or political bias and dedicated to the mission of advancing government management. LMI offers government managers capabilities in six mission areas: acquisition, facilities and asset management, financial management, information technology, logistics, and organizations and human capital. LMI also has extensive expertise in energy, the environment, and healthcare. LMI numbers among its clients all federal, civil, defense, and homeland security agencies, as well as state and local governments.


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