Wibu-Systems introduces new online access control

May 14, 2008
CodeMeter Identity verifies your online users’ identities

Many companies use the power of the Internet, (Extranet or Intranet) to provide proprietary information intended only for the eyes of a select group. Such a group might be members of a private organization, customers, partners, dealers, service staff or project groups. To keep this information from falling into the wrong hands it is important that authorized persons be able to provide positive identification via secure and well-established security protocols.

Wibu-Systems, a leading German manufacturer of hardware based protection solutions for software, documents, access control and media, brings a new weapon to the security manager’s arsenal of authentication products.

The new product is a natural extension to Wibu-Systems’ well proven CodeMeterR System. It is called CodeMeter Identity and brings the power of two-factor authentication, secured by Smartcard technology, AES key encryption and public key management to the security market.

Software developers using CodeMeter to protect applications, documents or media files will receive an automatic benefit from the additional authentication function of CodeMeter Identity. There are many and varied uses for this new product. The most obvious will be for software developers who wish to provide SaaS (Software as a Service) or documents and updates to a select "authenticated" user group. Software developers or content providers already using CodeMeter to protect traditional applications or media files will have the benefit of being able to immediately use their existing CmSticks in the field to protect online content or online applications.

Integration of this new feature will be a snap for existing CodeMeter users. With CodeMeter Identity, a developer will have the ability to choose between single factor authentication and two factor authentication and to be able to choose between a software based or hardware based single factor. The factors are familiar to security experts. One factor is a password or software key. A second factor can be a physical device like the common USB style CmStick. In contrast to a password, the CmStick can’t be duplicated. On the client side, CodeMeter Identity supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Sun Solaris.

Using ASP.NET as well as PHP, the server side runs on all popular platforms. Oliver Winzenried, C.E.O. and founder of Wibu-Systems AG, adds: "Secure user authentication on the Internet is getting more and more important. With CodeMeter Identity, we are able to limit the access of information to a selected group, in a simple but extremely secure manner. We make it possible for a person to use a USB style CmStick for Internet authentication with the same ease as using a door key to gain entry into a home or office."