Workspeed Launches Notifications System for Emergency Communications

May 3, 2007
System tailored for 2-way group communications for building evacuations, disaster recovery

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 26, 2007 – Workspeed, a leading New York-based provider of Web-based and wireless applications that optimize real estate enterprise performance, today announced the unveiling of Workspeed Notifications, a powerful new system for time critical two-way group communications tailored for building evacuation and disaster recovery that complies with New York Local Law 26. By integrating Workspeed Notifications with their EAP (Emergency Action Plan) data, landlords will be prepared for any emergency situation that demands immediate contact with all of a building's occupants.

Workspeed Notifications allows users to communicate messages to all building occupants via a recorded voice and/or advanced text to speech options. Upon receiving these messages, all building occupants, both inside and outside the building, can immediately reply to a landlord's message, providing rapid actionable data for emergency workers and safety staff.

"Workspeed and its new Notifications service work in tandem to comply with New York Local Law 26, which requires companies to account for their staff in an emergency evacuation and therefore aid the FDNY in rescue operations," said Derrick Chen, CEO of Workspeed. "As a result of this new law, landlords and floor wardens need a fast, reliable and efficient way to contact tenants of the buildings under their management."

Workspeed Notifications offers landlords a system that enables them to reach out to occupants in an emergency situation and track every contact attempt. "No other real estate management system provides users with a unique 'two-way' group communications system that allows landlords not only to reach occupants via multiple communications devices, but also receive responses from each occupant," explained Chen.

Workspeed Notifications is the latest offering from Workspeed, which to date, serves more than 30 leading real estate companies—representing approximately 250 million square feet of prime office space in the United States.

Key functionalities of Workspeed Notifications include:

• simplified notification initiation via phone, email or web

• a secure central repository for emergency contact information

• conference bridging for immediate emergency response

• full tracking and real-time response reporting

• seamlessly integrated with EAP management

Workspeed Notifications does not require any specific hardware or software for installation and supports all communication devices and methods including phones, PDAs, Blackberries, email, fax machines and instant messaging. Landlords quickly activate Notifications via the phone or web. Unlike "phone trees" or other less reliable and time-consuming emergency notification methods, the system is supported by a highly fault tolerant infrastructure with secure offsite redundant facilities.

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