The First IP Camera with Built-In Video Analytics

Sept. 20, 2006
ioimage Introduces an Ultra-Wide-Dynamic-Range Color Day/Night Intelligent-Video IP Camera

The compact all-in-one wdc100dn ioicam combines high performance video analytics with a state-of-the-art ultra-wide-dynamic-range IP camera to achieve a unique high-grade surveillance automation solution that makes intelligent video easier to deploy and operate.

For both indoor and outdoor surveillance, the built-in self-sustained video analytics can, simultaneously detect intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped vehicles and removed items for automatic detection even in extreme lighting and harsh weather conditions.

Securing nuclear power sites and national infrastructures, the computerized-detection of the ioicam provides high-security, yet is so versatile and easy-to-use, it is ideal for any security site.

Rule-Driven Video Analytics intrusion detection automatically detects and alarms on forbidden directional movement in controlled areas and at perimeters, including human and vehicle detection unattended baggage detection automatically detects and alarms on the abandonment of baggage or objects in controlled areas stopped vehilce detection automatically detects and alarms on the prescience of a stopped vehicle in an area where parking/standing is a violation object removal detection detection automatically detects and alarms on the sustained removal of objects or products from their given location


• Creates invisible fence capabilities without the costs of fence installation and hardware or the degradation of aesthetics

• Provides wide-area detection that can alert security of suspicious behavior inside and outside of the perimeter

• Provides better coverage than straight-line detectors or point sensors, such as PIR, fence sensors, ground sensors, smart fences, etc.

• Provides instant video confirmation and additional information for assessment of an alarm event

• Can be used on a wireless network reducing deployment and infrastructure costs

• Automatic responses provide instant deterrent and remediation capabilities that can prevent escalation

• Built-in stand-alone video analysis out-performs high-maintenance network dependant solutions that share processing resources, use up bandwidth, and suffer from network latency

• On-alarm video-display reduces the need for fulltime displaying and constant watching of unchanging video Simplicity

• Easy to install, sets up in minutes – intelligent video detection can be configured using a web browser or control software.

• Automatically adjust for best detection at all times - no ongoing adjustments

• Fully-embedded stand-alone units – no PC required Performance

• High probability of detection while maintaining a remarkably low rate of false alarms

• Detects intruders under harsh weather conditions, low visibility, and poor lighting

• Detects camouflaged intruders, extremely slow progression (as slow as 1 ft/5 min), and burst movements

• Superior non-flat detection sees objects in 3D-scape and at great distances for reliable detection

• Supports pre-alarm recording for capturing the moments before an alarm Reliability

• The same ioicam analytic technology has been certified by the Israeli Defense Forces and by leading testing laboratories

• Field-proven with thousands of ioicams and ioiboxes deployed since 2003 – protecting nuclear facilities, government sites, petrochemical factories, airports and sea-ports

• Robust DSP-based intelligent video edge device, no central PC processing required

• Ignores false alarms generated by small animals, swaying branches, cloud shadows, light changes, rain, snow and trivial movements in the scenery Highlights

• The all-in-one wdc100dn operates both as a stand-alone intelligent video camera or as part of an integrated network configuration

• Ultra-wide dynamic range day/night IP camera

• Built-in high-performance video analytics

• Built-in HTML web server for access, configuration, and viewing through a network via a standard web browser

• Enhanced with PIXIM technology for providing a crisp viewable image even in harsh lighting variations, backlight inundation, reflective glare, etc.

• Hybrid support for both analog and IP network streaming MPEG-4 architectures –includes audio, video and indication of the cause of an alarm with on screen display overlays

• Provides two-way audio capabilities

• On-alarm recording to any network PC

• Supports remote field-deployment with easy configuration and software upgrades over a network

• Infrared cut filter: manual & automatic switching from day (color) to night (B&W)

• Automatic white balance modes

• Automatic gain control (AGC)

• Automatic electronic shutter (AES)

• Advanced back light compensation (BLC)

• DC auto iris lens compatibility

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