ioimage Partners with Micron Technology to Incorporate CMOS Imaging Technology in Intelligent IP Security Camera

March 29, 2007
New Camera Uses a Micron 3-megapixel Image Sensor and Incorporates Built-In Video Analytics

Herzliya, Israel. March 28th – ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity, announced today it has partnered with Micron Technology, a leader in CMOS imaging technology, to develop a new 3-megapixel IP security camera with built-in analytics.

ioimage incorporated Micron Technology’s CMOS imaging technology into the ioicam mmp100dn a 3-megapixel IP camera that incorporates built-in video analytics which automatically detects and tracks intruders, vehicles, and other threats. Featuring picture-in-picture capabilities wide-area coverage, and electronic pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) functionality, the mmp100dn is a cost-effective, user-friendly camera that enhances safety and security for government, public and commercial organizations.

With a complete portfolio of image sensors designed for the security market, Micron is providing manufacturers with the option to choose the best sensor that matches their design needs. For the commercial security camera market, it is important for cameras to capture clear, crisp images with vivid color disparity in a high dynamic range of lighting conditions, in the same scene. With this in mind, ioimage has selected Micron’s 3-megapixel image sensor (product number MT9T031) to be integrated in its intelligent 3-megapixel IP camera. Micron’s 3-megapixel image sensor is ideal for camera applications needing to capture what is happening in an entire room or field of view, or drill down and focus on small but important details, as it provides a complete panoramic view when coupled with a fisheye lens. The sensor is also capable of running full resolution at 15 frames per second (fps) and sub-windowed regions of the field of view at 30 fps or greater.

“Partnering with Micron Technology, one of the world’s largest companies focused on memory, storage and imaging semiconductor products, and incorporating its CMOS image sensors provided the foundation for ioimage to bring the next generation IP camera with built in video analytics to the commercial security and defense market,” said Roni Kass, CEO of ioimage. “ioimage’s intelligent video camera systems are more than just simple, self-contained devices. They offer high-powered surveillance system imaging technology. Micron Technology’s sensors provide low-light sensitivity and maintain good images in severe outdoor weather conditions and drastic lighting conditions.”

“We are pleased that ioimage has selected Micron as its imaging partner for their intelligent video application,” said Rene Hartner, who is heading the Security & Surveillance Imaging Marketing efforts for Micron Technology. “The camera solution that ioimage has developed is unique to the security market in that it incorporates intelligent video analytics such as object tracking and image recognition with high-resolution and high-quality still and video images.”

ioimage is a recognized leader in the intelligent video and appliance-based security market. It is the recent recipient of the 2006 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Strategy Leadership from independent market analysis company Frost & Sullivan for developing a high-performance video analytics solution, establishing strategic partnerships and market growth.

The ioicam mmp100dn will be launched at ISC West. ioimage will be presenting its intelligent video offerings at Booth #2139 at ISC West on March 28-30, 2007, and at Micron’s booth #1133.

About ioimage ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances, provides high-performance video encoders and cameras with built in analytics, designed and packaged for simplicity. ioimage offers a new approach to video security by transforming surveillance into a proactive, event-driven process. Founded in 2000, ioimage uses networked, DSP-based devices for real-time detection, alert and tracking of intruders, vehicles and other threats, leading to enhanced safety and security for government, public and commercial organizations. For further information, visit