Integral Technologies Delivers Industry’s First 32 Channel Real-Time Digital Video Recorders

April 7, 2006

Indianapolis, Indiana, April 5, 2006 – Integral Technologies announces DS RealVue, the company’s newest addition to its DigitalSENTRY® family of products. DS RealVue products mark the security industry’s first real-time Digital Video Recorders capable of recording 32 cameras simultaneously at 30 frames per second at full D1 (720x480) resolution. DS RealVue products are offered in two chassis configurations, DS RealVue RAID and DS RealVue XPress.

DS RealVue products are DigitalSENTRY’s broadcast-quality recorders ideal for high security applications for gaming, money counting and correctional facilities. DS RealVue recorders are seamlessly integrated with existing DigitalSENTRY components providing solutions that combine real-time recording and lower frame rates to meet unique customer demands.

Powered by the latest version of Integral’s feature rich, MPEG-4 DigitalSENTRY software, DS RealVue products are based on Microsoft® Windows® XP Pro operating system. The DigitalSENTRY client software provides the ability to simultaneously view live or recorded video at full D1 resolution at 30 frames per second from up to 9 channels over a network.

Using advanced compression technology, DS RealVue products capture images as small as 1k at CIF resolution, resulting in smaller storage requirements and reduced network bandwidth. Additionally, smaller file size increases the amount of video that can be stored on one DVR, maximizing the number of days video can be stored locally. This capability enables a reduction of rack storage requirements and lowers overall system cost. Both DS RealVue products support up to 40 total cameras (32 analog and 8 IP) and up to 4 channels of video analytics per Digital Video Management System (DVMS).

Integral’s first chassis configuration, DS RealVue RAID, is perfect for applications requiring fault tolerance and high levels of redundancy. Both power supplies and hard drives are hot-swappable, so that in the event of a failure, the operating system data and recorded data are safe and intact while the system continues to record.

DS RealVue RAID’s internal RAID 10 hard drives allow for full redundancy of the operating system, video and audio data. It offers an internal storage option of 800 GB RAID 10, or a configuration that supports up to 14.4 TB of RAID 5 storage.

The unique XIO (External Input Output) panel centralizes all video and audio connection points so upgrades and service access are quick and simple. Furthermore, DS RealVue RAID supports up to 32 channels of audio.

Integral’s second chassis configuration, DS RealVue XPress is a combination database server and video acquisition unit. Available with 8, 16, and 32 channels, it supports 400 GB, 800 GB and 1.6 TB hard drive configurations, and 16 channels of audio.

Both of Integral Technologies’ DS RealVue products are offered with an industry-leading 3-year warranty program.