New DigitalSENTRY Network Video Solution from Integral Technologies

April 6, 2006

Indianapolis, Indiana, April 5, 2006 – Integral Technologies announces its newest offering in the DigitalSENTRY®? Network Video Solutions suite of products, the DigitalSENTRY Network Video Recorder (DS NVR). The DS NVR is a turnkey hardware and software solution featuring DigitalSENTRY software that manages video from IP cameras and converters exclusively via an Ethernet connection.

The intuitive DS NVR is offered in 4- and 16-channel configurations, and provides RAID and non-RAID internal and external storage operations. As a fully scaleable solution, the DS NVR grows with the customer, allowing for installations and upgrades as business security systems require.

Ideal for any application, the DS NVR can be commissioned as a stand-alone digital video management system or as a network video recorder in a distributed DS Enterprise system. Capable of supporting up to 30 ips per camera and featuring CIF, 2CIF or 4CIF resolution settings, the DS NVR offers the flexibility to select image quality and recording rates specific to any application.

Because DigitalSENTRY security products offer forward and backward compatibility within existing infrastructures, the DS NVR supports industry-standard IP devices, which enables customers to select the specific IP device that fits their application. In particular, DS NVR users can place IP cameras in any location with an Ethernet network drop, eliminating the distance limitations associated with analog cable runs between cameras and DVRs. By using a standard IP converter, customers can bring existing analog cameras into the DS NVR allowing them to preserve their existing analog camera infrastructure investment.

Integral’s DS NVR turnkey solution not only allows customers to maximize current investments, but also seamlessly integrates with the company’s video, access control and peripheral products, providing full featured and adaptable security solutions.