Sielox Announces Merger Of Parent Company L Q With Dynabazaar

Sept. 24, 2007
Sielox, Inc. To Be Name Of New Entity

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) – Access control leader Sielox announces that the merger agreement between Dynabazaar, Inc. and Sielox’s parent company, L Q Corporation Inc., became effective July 31, 2007. Immediately following the merger the name of the parent company was changed to Sielox, Inc.

"The combination of these companies yields significant benefits in a number of ways. Most significant is the combination of the operating units Sielox Access Control Solutions and Costar Video Systems which we believe will create a number of synergies and new business opportunities in both the private and public sectors,” said Sam Cassetta, President and Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed Sielox, Inc. “In addition, the merger of these business units will result in higher efficiencies through the development of a stronger enterprise infrastructure with greater collective resources at their disposal."

Mr. Cassetta also cited a number of additional anticipated benefits resulting from the formation of Sielox, Inc. including: the expansion of cross-over product lines from Sielox Access Control Products and Costar Video Products; the development of a new sales channel strategy that capitalizes on the established strengths of both business units; and the development of integrated security solutions incorporating leading edge access control solutions from Sielox and Costar’s renowned line of video surveillance products.

Sielox offers advanced integrated solutions encompassing a wide assortment of physical security systems and technologies. Their Pinnacleâ„¢ access control software solution is widely recognized throughout the security industry. Additional product offerings include proximity cards and devices, readers and 32-bit controllers designed for professional physical security applications. Costar offers a wide selection of video surveillance equipment including PTZ dome systems, fixed cameras, monitors, processing devices, and analog and digital recorders for general purpose applications.

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