Improved security for Rank Group Gaming Division delivered by JVC

Jan. 31, 2005
JVC provides staff and customers cameras for over 160 gaming facilities managed by UK's Rank Group

JVC has had an eight-year, long-standing relationship with Rank Group Gaming Division. During this time, both JVC dome and static cameras have been installed in over 160 casino and bingo premises, mainly by installers ID Vision and OCS.

The Gaming Division owns the Mecca Bingo, Grosvenor Casinos and Hard Rock Casino brands and employs approximately 11,000 staff.

John Butler, director of security at Rank Group Gaming Division, is responsible for all aspects of security throughout the division. This encompasses physical security of the premises including design detail and technical security ranging from CCTV and alarms, management of on-site security personnel, investigation of crime and breaches of the Gaming Act, crisis management, anti-money laundering measures, problem gaming and crime prevention.

Butler commented on the installation.

"The JVC cameras have had a remarkable history of longevity," said Butler.

"JVC sells quality products at a reasonable price and is a market leader in camera technology. Some of the installed cameras have been functioning without a hitch - in some cases, for up to ten years!

Generally they are robust in design and produce clear images. They work well in low-light environments, making them perfect for Casino gaming room installations.

Until we made the recent move to digital recording we have used JVC video recorders as well."

He adds, "Although we are not supplied directly by JVC, I have an excellent relationship with Yash Patel at JVC who has always listened to my requirements and has attempted to translate these requirements to working models."

Yash Patel, executive director, CCTV Europe at JVC Professional Europe, commented: "Rank Group Gaming Division has a sophisticated risk management and security development programme. We understand that in order for the Division to protect its assets, the safety of staff and employees, it requires CCTV images to be captured in absolute precision and detail. With the provision of our surveillance equipment, installed by our key customers, we are delighted to be able to provide clarity and fidelity in the most critical and demanding of CCTV environments."