PureTech & Will-Burt collaborate to create the Modular Mobile Surveillance System

June 18, 2024
At the heart of this solution was PureTech's COP software integrated with Will-Burt's CES.

The Border Expo 2024 conference hall was abuzz with excitement as attendees flocked to witness the cutting-edge collaboration between PureTech Systems and Will-Burt.

The two companies had joined forces to create the Modular Mobile Surveillance System, better known as M2S2. At the heart of this technological solution was PureTech's COP (Common Operational Picture) software, seamlessly integrated with Will-Burt's Compact Elevation System (CES) with Stiletto AL telescopic mast and an extensive sensor package that included the PVP cameras and SRC radar.

The Stiletto AL, a lightweight and highly accurate electro-mechanical mast, extended effortlessly to a height of 4 meters, providing an unobstructed vantage point for the high-resolution visible and thermal cameras mounted atop. As the mast extended within 2 minutes, the COP software came to life, automatically detecting, tracking, and classifying any human activity within its surroundings. The real-time data streamed directly onto large display, offering a comprehensive situational awareness.

“The ability to rapidly deploy this mobile surveillance solution and adapt to variable conditions is a game-changer in border protection and critical infrastructure security alike,” said Larry Bowe, President & CEO of PureTech Systems.

“The M2S2 system is a prime example of how our collaboration brings forward technological advancements that ensure superior performance and adaptability in the field," stated Barry Page, VP of Mast Sales & Programs - Americas for Will-Burt.

While at the Border Security Expo, a live demonstration took place. The diverse audience included CBP and the FAA program management, as well as the current and former agents, still supporting the broad mission in different capacities. The visitors from the UAE DoD were given an extended presentation, followed by the live demo with the M2S2.