Honeywell unveils Lyric Loyalty Program at ISC West

April 15, 2015
Special event kicks off company’s focus on the connected home at the show

On Tuesday, as a lead-in to the opening of ISC West, Honeywell unveiled the Lyric Loyalty Program — a standalone dealer program for its new Lyric line of connected home products — at a special invitation-only event for specific dealers.

Honeywell debuted the Lyric product line at the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which includes a controller, alarm keypads, sensors and other related products. The controller includes several innovative smart home-type features such as voice commands, Z-Wave device integration of locks, lighting, Total Connect cameras, and thermostat — along with a built-in Total Connect camera to take snapshots of those who are disarming the system. A mobile app ties it all together for consumers (check out the products and request more information at

In the initial introduction of the Lyric dealer program, Honeywell Security's Senior Director of Marketing Alan Stoddard says the company has targeted a specific set of dealers. “This is a product designed for a very specific space within the security market,” Stoddard explains. “So we are specifically inviting those dealers that want to go after the connected home and potentially add automation on top of the basic security value. We’ve identified approximately 150 dealers that fit that profile — they have shown the proclivity to go after that market segment, they have a high degree of attach rates for remote services and automation, they tend to keep and hold their accounts more often, and they have a highly trained and certified staff with capabilities on the networking side.”

Invited dealers got a chance to get a first look at the products and their features, but also a look at the Lyric Loyalty Program, which will be a standalone dealer program independent of the traditional Honeywell Authorized Dealer program. “It is possible to be a Lyric Loyalty dealer and not be in the Honeywell Authorized Dealer program; and of course, it’s possible to be both,” Stoddard says. “The program will initially be a small subset of dealers, and we expect that will grow over time, but we are looking to them to be flagship dealers for Honeywell and Lyric, and to lead with those brands in the marketplace.”

Stoddard also says that Honeywell will be investing in consumer advertising and awareness of Lyric though a number of different channels. “We want to help dealers put their best foot forward with this product, and in turn, we are working hard for them to be successful by driving traffic and awareness of the product.”

Lyric Loyalty dealers will enjoy multiple benefits, including:

  • Early access to the products before the general market;
  • Unique products and features not available to the general market;
  • Lyric training and certification;
  • Special identification as a Lyric Loyalty Dealer in the Honeywell dealer locator.

In addition to opening the dealer program, Honeywell intends to focus much of its attention on Lyric at its ISC West booth (#14025). All the products will be available for attendees to check out and try — of course with experts to help them out. “The booth will feature a new look and new approach that very much reflects the new thinking associated with Lyric,” Stoddard says. The new look will include a special “connected home room” in the booth itself, where all of the Lyric product line will be showcased in an operating environment.

Of course, Honeywell does not intend for dealers who were not invited to the initial unveiling of the Lyric Loyalty Program to feel left out. “Certainly, if there are dealers who are interested and feel they would be a good fit, we’d love to talk to them at ISC West or afterwards,” Stoddard says. “This is just the first salvo — our goal is to make this the flagship program in the marketplace going forward,” he adds.

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