Editor's Note: Giving in to The Temptations

Aug. 8, 2022
It’s time for our readers to get into the act with the all-new Readers’ Choice Product Awards and our annual State of the Industry report

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It is that time of year at Security Business: The time of year where I feel like I’m the leader of The Temptations…because I ain’t too proud to beg!

Shortly after you read this column, Security Business readers will have the chance to participate in two upcoming editorial projects: Our annual State of the Industry Report and the all-new Readers’ Choice Product Awards.

This is me asking very nicely…please take a moment to play a vital part in our attempt to take the “pulse of the industry” with these two programs by filling out each of the surveys. You will see them both promoted on social and via direct email, but let me give you a brief primer on each one:

The Annual Security Business State of the Industry Report

Every year, Security Business uses the December issue to ask all security integrators and consultants about the factors contributing to their business success or struggle in the marketplace. From COVID to M&A to RMR, hiring and vertical markets, we try to cover everything that is top-of-mind from the previous year.

Obviously, we need your opinions on these topics, as the more who reply help create an overall picture of the business climate in the security industry. This is news you can use: While all responses are kept anonymous, you can see how your firm’s recent success measures up against the competition. You can see what verticals and technologies are emerging among your peers that may warrant more careful consideration.  

Not only that, but this research is also 100% totally free of charge – all you have to do is be a subscriber to Security Business. These sections have won national editorial awards for design and breadth of information, and none of it would be possible without YOU! So, thanks in advance for your time and help.

The All-New SecurityInfoWatch Readers’ Choice Product Awards

Have you ever noticed how many security product “awards” programs there are on the market? Did you know that not a single one asks the integrators and consultants who specify and install these products –not to mention the end-customers who use them – to choose their favorites?

That changes now. We want to know what you think about the latest products to come onto the market. Are they ready for prime time? Do you see the value?

We have asked all security manufacturers to submit products introduced in the past 12 months to be judged by YOU – not by some mystery panel or by advertising salespeople or marketing executives. We want to know your favorite of the submitted newly introduced products in 12 different categories:  

  • Access Control Hardware
  • Access Control Software
  • Video Surveillance Hardware
  • Video Surveillance Software
  • Commercial Intrusion Detection/Perimeter Security
  • Residential/Smart Home Security Products
  • Installation Tools and Equipment
  • Business Management Software/Solutions
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • COVID-19 Mitigation
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Emergency Communications

Sounds kinda fun, huh? We hope so…and we think it would be pretty interesting for integrators, consultants and end-users to see the picks of your peers in a straightforward way – not from some smoke-filled back room somewhere in Las Vegas.

Again, we can’t do this without your help. Please look for social media and email pushes to vote on your favorite products, or visit www.securityinfowatch.com/readerschoice for updates!

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