Recruiting Roadmap: Build Your Brand as an Employer at ISC West

March 19, 2024
Five ways to stand out to job candidates at the show

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ISC West is not only an incredible opportunity for companies in the security industry to showcase their latest technologies, but it is also a prime occasion for companies to attract top talent.

While hiring may not be your top priority in Vegas, it is important not to forget about the opportunity to meet talented individuals who can raise your company to the next level. ISC West is a unique platform for companies to not only showcase their technological prowess but also establish themselves as the employers of choice in front of the right audience.

To stand out as a premier employer in the industry, be sure to leverage ISC West – but do it strategically. Here are five ideas:

1. Carefully craft your booth design and presence:

Ensure your booth is not just informative, but also visually appealing and inviting. People want to work in fun environments, so have your team coordinate outfits and wear marketing swag. Seeing employees decked out in company gear shows commitment and excitement about working there. Incorporate elements that reflect your company's colors, culture, values, and commitment to innovation. Engage attendees with interactive displays, demonstrations, and giveaways that leave a lasting impression. 

Just as important as strategies during the show is following up on leads, sharing post-event content, and inviting standouts to explore careers within your organization.

2. Host or attend exclusive events:

While it can be tempting after a tiring day, don't be so quick to head back to the hotel for the night. Consider hosting your own or making a large team presence at exclusive events during ISC West, such as networking mixers or other industry sessions. These events provide a more intimate setting for potential candidates to interact with your team, fostering a sense of connection and allowing them to learn more about your company beyond the standard booth interaction. Take the opportunity to join relevant forums and participate in discussions, as building a network within the industry not only attracts potential candidates but also strengthens your company's reputation as an active and collaborative player in the security sector.

3. Explore sponsorship opportunities:

Offered by ISC West and others, elevate your company's visibility with branded signage, event naming rights, or exclusive sponsorship of speaking sessions. Being prominently associated with the event enhances your company's prestige and makes it more appealing to potential candidates.

4. Use social media:

Share real-time updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and highlights of your team's participation on various platforms to amplify your presence during the show. Create and promote event-specific hashtags to encourage engagement and foster a sense of community among your employees. Allow employees to take over your company's social media accounts during ISC West to share their experiences directly, providing a unique perspective into your workplace culture. 

5. Use video:

Do not underestimate the power of video from the show floor. It is a great tool for many candidates who could not make it to the show, as it will allow them to see your team and brand remotely.

Post-Event Engagement

Just as important as strategies during the show is maintaining momentum afterward by engaging with potential candidates. Follow up on leads, share post-event content, and invite standout individuals to explore career opportunities within your organization. Be consistent and do something to stand out from the sea of companies that were there. Take advantage of the opportunity to follow up with the new network you have built and thank them for stopping by your booth. 

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