This camera has 158 lenses

Dec. 15, 2009

A new camera built by the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan was just recently named by Guinness World Records as being the camera with the most lenses, and in case you don't feel like counting them, here's the number: 158 lenses. So, being a security guy, my initial question was whether this the camera was designed to get true 3D facial recognition images. No, it's actually being used in a specialty application to shoot a 3D image of a flame.

Nagoya Institute of Technology's world record 158-lens 3D camera, wow!There's no word on what systems integrator got the contract to check the focus and clean each lens, but all we can say is "If you can dream it, they can build it." We're still not expecting this camera to be showcased at the ISC West or ASIS 2010 tradeshows, but you never know. If you're looking for something with multiple lenses, you might have to go back into the CCTV history books. Only a few years ago, we'd run into 4-lens cameras at tradeshows, but now those have generally been replaced by cameras with a single image capture sensor and a panoramic/360-degree style lens. We've seen this new approach to panoramic technology from companies like Remote Reality, Aventura Technologies, Theia Technologies (lenses), IPIX, Immervision, Mobotix and others.


Info provided by CrunchGear and Sakei News.