Deborah's ASIS Top 10

Sept. 24, 2009

Well, my plans to blog every day from the show were sidelined with tons of meetings and cool events to attend. So, I’ve decided to write a quick wrap up for you, David Letterman-like, with a Top 10 list of my own. It’s called: Top 10 Sightings/News/Events/Products at ASIS.

10. One of the coolest products of the show, seriously, was the Destroyit desktop model business shredder from MBM Corporation, It’s the tiniest shredding I’ve ever seen and it can take some tough paper input.

9. Groundbreaking announcement came from Diebold Inc., Canton, Ohio, who will open its branding, service and advanced monitoring services via a new dealer program called the Diebold Advanced Dealer Network. Visit the official Diebold Recruitment Center at Also look for an in-depth story in SD&I magazine in the news section in October, the ISC East show issue.

8. Continued emphasis on refinements of products, enhancements, next iterations instead of any particular new introductions, although there were some notable ones, read on to number 7.

7. Simple but effective—the InfinityLens™ from Global Bionics Optics Ltd. In Marietta, Ga.,, is a massive depth of field lens based on optics which is designed to put much more of any image in focus. Judging by the interest in the booth, it had merit. Thanks Becky!

6. The greatest giveaway was the Alutiiq book reading light,

5. Shout out to Pete the Drug Dog. Gorgeous and cute, did you know these trained canines can sniff out all kinds of things, including pharmaceuticals in hiding and dangerous chemicals? Oh, and his equally friendly trainer was H.R. (Hank) Nolin, CPP and president of Sun State Specialty K-9’s Inc.,

4. Best booth goes to Altronix. It’s not new but it easy to find and the cappuccino machine was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Kirby. Visit

3. Thermal imaging leader FLIR Systems Inc. said prices on these devices have dropped dramatically, while upping the feature set. Check it out at

2. Hats off to Eileen and Vicki in the press room who made the massive show seem personal with their professionalism before, during and after the event. Visit

1. The number one event at the show had to be the visit at the O.C. Mansion overlooking Laguna Beach by Stanley Convergent Security Solutions and as Chief Operating Officer Tony Byerly said, “when you come to California you have to see the ocean.” Thanks for being such a great host, as always, Tony. And a quick hello to super-friendly National Account Managers Cynthia and Timothy. Visit