DMP introduces new high volume residential Dealer Program called Secura

April 19, 2017
Secura is designed for security dealers who want to increase their company valuation through new RMR from the residential market

Springfield, MO, March 30th, 2017 -- DMP has announced a new dealer sales and marketing program: Secura. Secura is a high-volume residential sales program that can power you to success in the residential marketplace. Secura is designed for security dealers who want to increase their company valuation through new RMR from the residential market by using a new line of DMP products that are tailored for fast installations in homes.

Secura is not just a new line of products; it's an entire sales program designed to equip your company to sell and install a complete smart home security solution that will give your customers peace of mind and convenience to manage a busy lifestyle. Secura combines high-quality hardware, cutting-edge technology, and great people to offer sophisticated security to you and your customers. With Secura, you can offer your residential customers a product that is made in right here in the heartland of our country, using the best components from around the globe. The same quality and technology that is used in the world's largest banks, and protecting our nation's secrets in high-security applications, is now available to protect the homes and families in your community.

Secura is centered on a product line that is exclusively available to Secura dealers. The Secura security system is automatically programmed as soon as it powers up and connects to the Internet. Secura products are broken down into several categories:

1. SecuraHub - Similar to the XTLplus, this hub is the system’s brain and communication.

2. SecuraSensor - Wireless devices, such as motion detectors and transmitters

3. SecuraSounder - Wireless siren

4. SecuraRemote - Remote controls or key fobs

5. SecuraTouch - Touchscreen keypad

6. SecureCom Video - Wireless Cameras

7. SecuraAutomation - Z-Wave devices

Secura dealers receive exclusive support and Secura specific training for their sales personnel. We make it easy for you to generate RMR fast with the new Secura Sales app! The Secura Sales app allows your field sales team to customize and sell a security system in real time, from anywhere, and for every unique customer. It allows you to process a credit card transaction that is immediately deposited in your bank account, and even sign your company’s contract on the spot, all electronically. The product is then shipped directly to you, your remote tech, or directly to your customer using free 2-day shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S., or use product that is from your inventory or technician's truck. The Secura residential dealer sales program also provides sales recruitment support, lead support, and extensive sales training.

Secura customers can manage their security and home automation using SecuraMobile. This app is similar to the DMP Virtual Keypad App. Customers can arm/disarm, use schedules, favorites, control outputs, use geofences, manage user codes, and much more. Once you add a new customer, they will automatically receive an easy-enroll email.

“Secura is a very important initiative that we have been working on for a while,” said Joe Hurst, DMP Senior Vice President. “We took all the guesswork out of residential selling. We know that DMP is not initially thought of as a powerhouse in the high volume residential sales market, and with Secura, we intend to change that. We have experienced good success in the commercial markets, and we are not going to lose our focus there. But we determined that we need the ability to have a differentiated product that could drive more residential market penetration. Secura includes not just the products, but also the training and selling tools that you need to be successful in that competitive environment."

Secura provides tools to help a dealer take their share of the residential RMR market and increase their company valuation with a lower cost of creation than through acquisitions. The Secura program is a very exclusive dealer direct program designed to set dealers apart from the competition. Marketing and sales training materials are available.

To find out more about becoming a Secura dealer, go to or send an email to [email protected].

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