Commend updates its channel partner program

March 16, 2022
New program features optimized tiers, SMA benefits
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Mahwah, N.J.—(March 10, 2022) Commend Americas, a provider of communication systems and solutions, today announced new enhancements to its partner program and support structure designed to maximize partner success and provide predictable profitability while bringing Commend solutions to market. Aimed at deepening the company's relationship with key partners, the program includes a three-tier system, expanded training options, and greater access to joint marketing and qualified leads.

Updated Tiered Partner Program Commend's partner program was streamlined to include a more clearly-defined tiering system organized around three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum Partners. Each tier has specific revenue and training requirements and increasing benefits as partners move up levels. Expanded training for sales and technical resources is now available, helping to ensure a partner's entire organization is equipped with the most relevant tools that drive opportunity. Expanded Commend Academy training includes online certifications, solutions videos, and deep-dive training.

"Commend's technical strength in unified communications has helped us grow and thrive in target markets like healthcare, corrections, and utilities," said Norma Schiller, Business Development Manager, Microbiz Security Company. "We look forward to utilizing the new resources available to us as a result of this updated partner program and continue working hand in hand with Commend to support the evolving needs of our growing customer base."

Additionally, the Commend partner program was streamlined to help partners grow and profit in the expanding unified communications market, with increased margins, greater eligibility for joint marketing funds, access to professional services, and increased access to leads.

"Commend's expanded partner program has been crucial to our success by allowing our team to deliver industry-leading communication and security solutions to our customers," said Mike Delaney, Chief Operating Officer, Minelec Limited. "By deepening our relationship with Commend, we're able to more effectively scale our organization with a partner committed to our long-term growth."

New Software Maintenance and Support Model As part of its commitment to ensuring partner success with its solutions, Commend continues to invest in innovations while focusing on backward compatibility. SMAs keep Commend systems current to support compatibility and ensure systems are up-to-date and ready to take advantage of the latest integration possibilities, releases, and interface updates. Through the SMA, partners get access to the latest software enhancements and continuous access to new functionality for their customers. 

Commend delivers a multi-level cyber security strategy as part of its continuous focus on network security through firmware revisions covered by the SMA. With the Commend SMA, partners are assured that regular cyber security updates increase data security and privacy protection.

“Commend is committed to providing products, systems, and services that professionally address evolving IT security needs,” said Tom Reilly, President, Commend Americas. “Proper and timely handling of IT security incidents and software vulnerabilities, ongoing security advisories, and ongoing updates are important factors in helping our customers minimize cybersecurity risks.”

Commend is 100 percent channel-centric and works with many partners, including value-added resellers, service providers, and security integrators. The company is focused on building the best technology that provides value to joint customers and can now offer a program that empowers partners to market, sell, install, support, and manage to Commend technologies.

"Commend is the only unified communications provider that can support the evolving and mission-critical requirements of today's security and business leaders. We are focused on providing partners with a leading and differentiated solution to sell as more organizations look to incorporate integrated, interoperable communication and security solutions," commented Reilly. "We're 100% committed to deepening our relationships to help our partners thrive as they take advantage of this tremendous and differentiated market opportunity."

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