Honeywell debuts connected home line at CES

Jan. 6, 2015
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LAS VEGAS - Making its first-ever appearance on the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show, Honeywell is making a splash with the debut of its new connected home platform, called Lyric.

The line of products, which began in 2014 with a smart thermostat device, has significantly expanded to include many of the demanded and popular aspects of home security, automation and lifestyle management—of course, built on the backbone of the concept of security and safety for homeowners.

“We have researched and surveyed thousands of consumers,” explained Inder Reddy, President of Honeywell Security Products Americas, at a private briefing for the security press here at CES. “While many may have had different words to explain it, their concern for the security and safety of their homes consistently came out. They are looking for that dimension of using their security and safety system to manage their lifestyle, and if (the system) doesn’t hit that fundamental need, it won’t hit the mark.”

Honeywell’s debut of the Lyric alarm keypads, SIX version sensors and other related products is a chance to offer consumers and security dealers a preview of what’s to come later in 2015 and beyond — so don’t worry if you couldn’t make it out to Vegas for the mega-huge CES show, there will be plenty of chances for Honeywell dealers to take in the new system, peripherals and features. According to George Janelis, Honeywell Security Products Americas Senior Channel Manager, the company will provide security dealers with live demos and much more at April’s ISC-West show in Las Vegas, with the “official” launch of the product at June’s ESX show in Baltimore.   

What’s in the System

The Lyric Controller is the showpiece of this premium-level system—an intuitive alarm control panel for the home that capitalizes on Wi-Fi technology to take advantage of the ubiquitous broadband connections that a huge number of homeowners already use, which is a potential cost-saving for dealers. It also includes a built-in and replaceable GSM/CDMA radio so dealers and their customers are always on top of potential changes in that area (ie. the 2G sunset).

The controller includes several innovative smart home-type features such as voice commands, Z-Wave device integration of locks (Honeywell has partnered with Kwikset, Schlage and Yale for the technology), lighting, Total Connect cameras, and thermostat — along with a built-in Total Connect camera to take snapshots of those who are disarming the system. A mobile app ties it all together for consumers.

There are six sensors/alarm annunciators as part of the initial launch, with more to come. Sensors include standard motion detection, glass-break detection and door contacts, as well as smoke detection; while the alarm annunciators include color-coded LED visual cues for arm and disarm, as well as a white light that helps with emergency evacuation.

Honeywell has also revamped its AlarmNet dealer portal to handle this new technology influx, and it will include CDMA support, remote diagnostic capability, as well as remote management and programming.

Honeywell’s Message

During his presentation Monday, Robert Puric, Honeywell’s Director of Connected Home Product Marketing, outlined the takeaways of the system from both the dealer and end-user perspectives.

For dealers:

  • Lyric is a platform with new content and features released over time, giving you more opportunities for upselling.
  • The system is scalable, making it versatile for small homes to larger ones, all the way up to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The sensors are discrete and use two-way wireless communication for easier installation; and the system is backwards compatible and easily upgradeable.
  • Dealers can use AlarmNet and Total Connect to limit truck rolls and ultimately save money.
  • The wireless nature of the system improves workflow for dealers, including remote troubleshooting and quick installation.
  • The system is adaptable with end-user replaceable batteries and cellular communicator radios.

For end-users:

  • Lyric enables your customers to combine different devices into a single smart action based on your schedule (ie. time for bed) or a trigger event (such as the garage door opening).
  • You customers can use their voice to control many aspects of the system.
  • Lyric includes iOS and Android apps, or it can be controlled via the web or directly on the panel.
  • It handles home automation and lifestyle tasks such as turning on lights automatically when they are away.

More to Come

There’s a lot more coming down the pike from Honeywell and its connected home system in 2015. What began with a simple smart thermostat device last year will extend well into 2016 and beyond, making it an exciting time to be a Honeywell dealer. With so many new features and functionality, a stop in Vegas for ISC-West might make sense for many dealers interested in harnessing this technology.

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